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Continuing Physical Therapy Education FAQs

1 . How do I register for a CPTE course?
2 . How is CPTE Funded?
3 . How do I request / suggest a course?

1 . How do I register for a CPTE course?

To register for a CPTE course, download the registration form of the course you are interested in from our Course Calendar.  Send the completed registration form along with your payment to CPTE.  Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Payment must be received by the CPTE office before a registration is deemed complete.

Registration Deadlines:

On each registration form, you will see a 'Registration Deadline' date.  CPTE courses are run on a break-even basis - each course requires a minimum number of applicants to run.  On the Registration Deadline, a decision is made as to whether or not the course can run - based on the number of paid registrations received by that date.  It is important to register before the deadline date if you can, since this will directly affect whether or not the course is able to run. 

The Registration Deadline date is also the final date that one can withdraw from a course without penalty. Payments made by cheque can generally be post-dated to the registration deadline date, and cheques are deposited on or after this date.

Registration applications can be accepted by CPTE after the Registration Deadline, up to one week in advance of the course date, depending on availability of space in the course.  Registrants are encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment, since most practical courses have limited numbers of spaces.

Waiting Lists:

If a course fills, names of additional registrants are placed on a waiting list.  In the event of withdrawal of one of the registered course participants, individuals on the waiting list will be contacted in list order to fill that space. 

Registration Confirmations:

Once CPTE has received your registration form and payment, you will receive notification, by email (or mail if email is not available).  When it is determined that a course has sufficient registration to run (usually by the registration deadline), you will receive an official confirmation letter outlining additional details about the course location, start times, accommodation options and other information.

If you require flight arrangements, we recommend that you do not make them until you have received confirmation that the course will run.

Registration Fee Changes effective 2010

Beginning in January 2010, CPTE will have to begin charging GST on all the continuing education courses we offer.  The current exception to that is for the Orthopaedic Syllabus courses (the courses that lead up to the Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy.)  We are still waiting for a ruling on those courses.  This change is due to a recent audit done by the Canada Revenue Agency at the University of Saskatchewan, involving a review of what falls under the CRA's definition of a "course". 

Registration forms for courses running in 2010 have been changed to reflect the addition of the GST.  If you  submitted a registration form that was circulated before this change came into place for a course running in 2010, you will be receiving an email from the CPTE office to confirm receipt of your registration form and the requirement to submit an additional payment to cover the GST portion of the registration fee.

2 . How is CPTE Funded?

Continuing Physical Therapy Education is funded solely by the registration fees that come in from continuing education courses, and from contract work.  We are consistently working to keep costs down, even as costs of doing business are increasing around us.  Where possible, we apply for educational grants to help offset some of the course costs and keep registration fees as low as possible. 

3 . How do I request / suggest a course?

Contact the CPTE Program Director or Course Coordinator with your course request or course suggestion.  We will contact you if we require further information. We generally plan the course schedule about a year in advance, and try to include a mix of courses to meet the needs of the many interest areas within physical therapy education.  Once CPTE has reviewed your course request/suggestion and determined if it is a course that fits within our mandate (plan?), it may still be some time before we are able to bring that course to Saskatchewan. In some cases it is very difficult to determine when other course opportunities will arise in the environment, and this can affect the ability of CPTE and the other organizations to run their courses.  CPTE plans a minimum of one year in advance, and often up to 2 years in advance.  The Calendar of Events reflects only the upcoming 6-12 months of planning.  If your organization is planning an educational event, please call us and let us know, as we can surely make plans then to avoid booking any speakers that would cause unnecessary competition for your course or the CPTE course.  This way we can all work together to meet the educational needs in our environment.