CPTE Organizational Structure

CPTE Management Committee  

A Management Committee monitors and oversees the operations of the CPTE program, and is accountable to the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association, the School of Physical Therapy and the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.  The Management Committee consists of representatives from

  • the University of Saskatchewan School of Physical Therapy
  • the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association Board of Directors, and
  • one of the physiotherapy special interest groups active in the province.  
  • The CPTE Program Director and Administrator also sit on the Management Committee as an ex-officio member

Current Management Committee members are:

  • Dr. E.L. (Liz) Harrison,Associate Dean, Physical Therapy & Interprofessional Education, College of Medicine (on sabbatical starting January 2014)  
  • Dr. Angela Busch, Dip.P.T., B.P.T., M.Sc. (U of S), Ph.D. (U of C). Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy (sitting in for Dr. Liz Harrison during her sabbatical)  
  • Isobel Johnston, Board Member, Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association  
  • Donna Alport, Special Interest Group Representative  
  • Suzanne Sheppard, Director of Practice, Health Education & Research, Saskatoon Health Region  

CPTE Program Advisory Committee  

A CPTE Program Advisory Committee (PAC) provides consultation and input to the CPTE program for planning and evaluating the ongoing continuing education offerings.  The PAC also assists with marketing and communicating information to physical therapists in the province.  The PAC is chaired by the CPTE Program Director/Administrator, includes one Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association Board member and a maximum of 10 physical therapists representing a broad spectrum of professional practice.  

Current Committee members are:  

  • Neurosciences:  Vacant  
  • Paediatrics: Melissa Cursons
  • Seniors' Health: Vacant  
  • Cardiorespiratory: Alison Stene, Saskatoon and Robyn Chura, Lloydminster  
  • Community Therapy: Vacant  
  • Orthopaedics: Julie Schick, White City  
  • Private Practice: Brian Thompson, Saskatoon  
  • Sports: Kristie Mueller, Regina  
  • SPA:  Alison Stene, Saskatoon      
  • Health Regions:  Peggy Bacon, Regina  
  • CPTE Program Director: Stacey Lovo Grona, Saskatoon
  • CPTE Program Administrator:  Monique Marshall, Saskatoon