CPTE Organizational Structure

CPTE is a unit of the School of Rehabilitation Science, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.  The CPTE staff consist of the CPTE Director and Program Coordinator.

CPTE Advisory Committee 

The CPTE Advisory Committee is a Standing Committee of the School of Rehabilitation Science Faculty Council.


  • To provide a formal communication link between the School and the clinical community related to continuing education
  • To identify opportunities for advancement of Continuing Physical Therapy Education


  • CPTE Director (Chair) (ex-officio)
  • One Academic Coordinator Clinical Education (ex officio)
  • One faculty member
  • Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association representative (to be determined by SPA)
  • Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (to be determined by SCPT)
  • Three clinicians involved in clinical education programming across the province (to be determined by ACCE in discussion with CPTE Director)
  • CPTE Coordinator (ex-officio; non-voting)