Program Information

CPTE was established jointly by the School of Physical Therapy, U of S and the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association in 1996.  It is a post-graduate professional program dedicated to the continuing professional development of physical therapists and other providers of health care services.

CPTE provides:

    • Physical Therapy continuing education programming
    • Educational event development and coordination
    • Course / inservice contract management services
    • Interprofessional educational events  

Evidence-based Practice: 

  • CPTE requires a 'state of the evidence' statement from course instructors when treatment approaches and methods are taught within a course. 

  • References are also included in course manuals.

  • We strive to inform course participants about the underlying theory and research related to the approach.  We hope this will increase awareness of the theory and evidence when considering treatment approaches, the level of evidence for various approaches, and gaps in the literature for further study.      

CPTE provides courses for educational purposes, but in so doing, it does not imply endorsement of those courses or course content.  Registrants are urged to be critical thinkers and active learners in all educational sessions.