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SCI resources are developed by and reflect the skills and talents of University of Saskatchewan students - they carry the culturally celebratory spirit of Dr. Buffy Sainte-Marie’s pioneering International Cradleboard Teaching Project and shine new light on the diversity of Aboriginal knowledges in Saskatchewan!

This resource collection is a work in progress that will grow with time, with feedback, and with your direction

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Grade  5  6  7  10 
HB5.1  MC5.1  MC5.2  MC5.3  DL6.5  MS7.2  MS7.3  Physical Science 

Cleaning Up the Traditional Way!

Hands-on science activities and dramatic oral history transcript related to traditional soap-making in Qu'appelle Valley Métis communities

Grade  5  4  20  30 
FM5.1  FM5.2 

Creating a Deadfall Trap

A short video demonstration of building a deadfall trap, coupled with a teacher's lesson plan and backgrounder on trapping in Northern Saskatchewan compiled in consultation with Clifford Ray, President of the Northern Trappers Association Co-operative.
Grade  5  7 
IE7.1  4C.1  FM5.2  FM5.3 

Deadfall Trap

A video demonstration of a scale-model Deadfall trap, explained in the context of trapping bear

Grade  5  20  30 
FM5.1  FM5.2  FM5.3 

Deadfall Trap Physics - Energy and Work

Hands-on activity exploring the physics of deadfall traps used in Northern Saskatchewan
Grade  4 
SO4.3  SO4.1 

Let's Communicate

Demonstration of 'cup telephones'
Grade  4  6  5 
HC4.2   DL6.2  DL6.1 

One Fish, Two Fish, Trout Fish, Whitefish!

A hands-on activity to demonstrate a method of estimating fish populations by fish tagging, paired with a Powerpoint presentation to prompt discussion of ecological monitoring and sustainable fishing practices. The 'Teacher's Backgrounder' Powerpoint file includes additional context for a teacher beginning to work with intercultural concepts in their science classroom

Grade  5  20 


An informational Powerpoint presentation, teacher's lesson plan, and student worksheet
Grade  4  7 
RM4.1  RM4.2 

Rocks as Tools

A Powerpoint presentation overview to common stone technologies found in Saskatchewan paired with a hands-on activity relating the hardness of rocks to their potential utility 

Grade  4 

Straw Flute

Make a musical instrument from a straw
Grade  2  3 


sub content
Grade  4 

The Invention of the Flute (A Dakota Legend)

This original animation and narration shares an adaptation of the traditional Dakota story about the origin of the flute (5:38 minutes; 19.1 MB) - Follow with the straw flute activity
Grade  4 
SO4.3  SO4.1 

Tin-Cup Seal Hunt

Hands-on activities extend the traditional 'tin-cup telephone' and connect to traditional science
Grade  7  10  11  9  5 
MS7.3  HB5.1  AE9.1 

Vitamin C in Saskatoon Berries

Presentation and activity files for elementary and high school audiences that link traditional food preservation and chemical titration methods - this activity can be paired with the pemmican making activity contributed by Tracee Thompson and Bryan Mitchell
Grade  4 

What does MUSIC mean to you?

Two University students ask a diversity of people on the U of S campus to respond to the question - "What does music mean, to you?" (5:00 minutes; 55.3 MB)
Grade  4 
SO4.1  SO4.3 

Where did Drums Come From?

A musical and pictoral compilation accompanies the story of the origin of the Drum, as shared by Elder Sandford Strongarm Senior, Saulteaux Anishinabe from Kawacatoose First Nation  (5:30 minutes; 46.6 MB)