Bryan Mitchell
Tracee Thompson

Curiculum Connections



ECUR 298 - 2014

Author's Note

Bryan Mitchell and Tracee Thompson: “We put this information together to supplement lessons related to Nutrition for Health Science 20 – but we hope that the background information and activity could be used at many grade levels. We are secondary science students, from Saskatchewan, and are excited to present a resource that is related to an Indigenous food in our province. The activity is for a ‘traditional’ pemmican but you could encourage students to make modern ‘sports’ pemmican as a fundraiser for school athletics!”


An informational Powerpoint presentation, teacher's lesson plan, and student worksheet

Education Utility

Hands-on activity making pemmican in the classroom, coupled to an understandingn of food preservation and macronutrients in traditional diets; can be extended by exploring the Vitamin C content of the berries