The Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU)* is a centralized clinical research resource that standardizes clinical and administrative procedures for the conduct of human research. The CTSU, a joint initiative of the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicinethe Saskatoon Health Region and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, provides investigators at the three member institutions with the resources, know-how and facilities needed to conduct clinical research. It does so in a manner that withstands legal scrutiny and follows good clinical practice guidelines.

The CTSU has well-trained and certified personnel who provide the following services to clinical investigators:

  • Review and negotiation of confidential disclosure agreements
  • Negotiation of contracts and study budgets
  • Preparing and submitting ethics applications
  • Preparing and submitting applications for health region approval
  • Preparation and processing of regulatory documents
  • Regulatory submissions to Health Canada, including Clinical Trial Applications
  • Financial services, including invoicing of research sponsors, processing of sponsor payments and payment of study-related expenses
  • Clinical research nurse and clinical research coordinator services
  • Identifying potential sponsors for clinical studies
  • Clinical research education and training

The CTSU’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU) at Saskatoon City Hospital is Saskatchewan’s first in-hospital clinical trial facility. The CRU allows investigators to conduct their research in highly controlled conditions, with physician supervision and emergency response on-site.

*The CTSU was formerly known as the Saskatoon Centre for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR).