Member's Executive

The  Clinical Trial Support Unit's (CSTU) leadership and administration are overseen by a Members’ Executive, which includes representation from the three member organizations: University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine, Saskatoon Health Region and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.


Dr. Marek Radomski (Chair), Vice-Dean, Research, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan (Chair)

Ms. Helen Kenyon, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR)

Mr. Scott Corley, Director, Clinical Trial Support Unit

Patients' Representative (TBA)

Dr. Darcy Marciniuk, Associate Vice-President Research - Health (Interim) - (Research and International), University of Saskatchewan

Mr. Ken Unger, Manager of Finance, Capital and Corporate Services, Saskatoon Health Region

Ms. Lynn Dwerynchuk, Director, Clinical Research, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency


Dr. Kevin Schneider, Associate Vice-President Research (Interim), University of Saskatchewan

Ms. Sandra Baptiste, Manager, Financial Reporting, People and Resources, Financial Services, University of Saskatchewan