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The Urban Aboriginal Service Delivery Landscape: Themes, Trends, Gaps and Prospects

Findlay, Isobel M.,Jania Chilima, Tamara Chambers-Richards, Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Dana Carriere, and William Rowluck.


Title Author

Engaging Provincial Stakeholders: A Strategic Communications Plan for Department of Pediatrics

Klimosko, Kris and Marjorie Delbaere, Isobel M. Findlay.

YXE Connects 2015 A Research Report

Jimmy, Ryan and Isobel M. Findlay

2015 Point-In-Time Homelessness Count Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Spence Gress, Cara and Isobel M. Findlay, Bill Holden, Stephen Wormith, Pamela Brotzel, Sana Rachel Sunny, Hannah Holden.


Title Author

Program Evaluation of Crisis Management Services

Quaife, Terra and Laurissa Fauchoux, David Mykota, Isobel Findlay.

Quality of Life: Towards Sustainable Community Futures


Preliminary Program-Quality of Life 2014 Conference


Poster: Quality of Life Conference


Program-Quality of Life 2014 Conference


Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education: Pre-Service Evaluation

Sivajohanathan, Duvaraga and Isobel M. Findlay, Renata Andres.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness and Prevention Strategies: Learning from the Reported Alcohol Knowledge...

Chopin, Nicola and Sarah Hogg, Stacey McHenry, James Popham, Melissa Stoops, Sarah Takahashi, Isobel M. Findlay.

Healthy Seniors on the 'Net: Assessing the Saskatoon Public Library's Computer Project

McDowell, Megan and Isobel M. Findlay.

Urban First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Diabetes Prevention Project: Fresh Food Market Evaluation

Kachur, Brittany.

Parkinson Society Saskatchewan: Working Together to Meet Member Needs

Chambers-Richards, Tamara and Rawia Ahmed, Isobel M. Findlay.

Worker Co-operative Development in Saskatchewan: The Promise, the Problems, and the Prospects

Diamantopoulos, Mitch and April Bourgeois.

International Students in Saskatchewan: Policies, Programs, and Perspectives

Garcea, Joe and Neil Hibbert.

Awareness of and Support for the Social Economy in Saskatoon: Opinion Leader Views

Hurd, Emily and Louise Clarke.

Comparing the Lived Experience of Urban Aboriginal Peoples with Canadian Rights to Quality of Life

Findlay, Isobel M. and Joe Garcea, John Hansen, Rose Antsanen, Jethro Cheng, Bill Holden.

Saskatchewan Summer Literacy: An Evaluation of Summer Reading Programming in Saskatchewan Public Libraries

Schwark, Tyler and Rahul Waikar, Suresh S. Kalagnanam, Isobel M. Findlay.


Title Author

Financial Proxies for Social Return on Investment Analyses in Saskatchewan: A Research Report

Waikar, Rahul D., Suresh S. Kalagnanam, Isobel M. Findlay.

Coordinating and Enhancing Care and Advocacy for Sexual Assault Survivors: New Collaborations and New Approaches

Quinlan, Elizabeth, Ally Clarke and Natasha Miller.

Self-Directed Funding: An Evaluation of Self-Managed Contracts in Saskatchewan

Findlay, Isobel M. and Anar Damji.

Through the Eyes of Women: What a Co-operative Can Mean in Supporting Women During Confinement and Integration

Findlay, Isobel M., James Popham, Patrick Ince, and Sarah Takahashi.

Phase One Evaluation: Improving Outcomes for Children with FASD in Foster Care Final Report

Muhajarine, Nazeem, Stacey McHenry, Jethro Cheng, James Popham and Fleur MacQueen Smith.

Saskatoon's Homeless Population 2012: A Research Report

Findlay, Isobel M., Bill Holden, Giselle Patrick and Stephen Wormith.


Title Author

Individualized Funding: A Framework for Effective Implementation

Dozar, Marsha, Don Gallant, Judy Hannah, Emily Hurd, Jason Newberry, Ken Pike, and Brian Salisbury

Mapping Social Capital in a Network of Community Development Organizations

Heit, Jason.

Community Conversations about the Good Food Junction Co-operative

Hurd, Emily.


Title Author

Toward Implementation of the Saskatoon Food Charter: A Report

Engler-Stringer, Rachel and Justin Harder.

Participatory Action Research: Challenges, Complications, and Opportunities

Elliot, Patricia W.

"A Place to Learn, Work, and Heal" An Evaluation of Crocus Co-operative

Bidonde, Julia and Catherine Leviton-Reid.

Community Resilience, Adaptation, and Innovation: The Case of the Social Economy in La Ronge

Brown, Kimberly and Isobel M. Findlay, Robert Dobrohoczki.


Title Author

Exploring Key Informants' Experiences with Self-Directed Funding: A Research Report

Chopin, Nicola S.and Dr. Isobel M. Findlay.

2009 Saskatoon HIFIS Report on Homelessness

Community-University Institute for Social Research.

South Bay Park Rangers Employment Project: A Case Study in Individual Empowerment and Community Interdependence

Findlay, Isobel M. and Julia Bidonde, Maria Basualdo, Alyssa McMurtry.

10 Years of Quality of Life in Saskatoon: Summary of Research 2010 Iteration

Chopin, Nicola and Bill Holden, Nazeem Muhajarine, James Popham.

Self-Determination in Action: The Entrepreneurship of the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association Co-operative...

Pattison, Dwayne and Isobel M. Findlay.

Cypress Hills Ability Centres, Inc. Exploring Alternatives: A Research Report

Basualdo, Maria and Chipo Kangayi.


Title Author

Program Evaluation of the Saskatoon Community Clinic Strengthening the Circle Program

Prokop, Shelley Thomas.


Title Author

Count of Saskatoon Homeless Population: Research Findings

Chopin, Nicola S.and Dr. J. Stephen Wormith.

Broadway Theatre Membership Assessment A Research Report

Moneo, Cameron, Maria Basualdo, Isobel M. Findlay and Wendy MacDermott.


Title Author

Growing Pains: Social Enterprise in Saskatoon's Core Neighbourhoods

Diamantopolous, Mitch and Isobel M. Findlay.

An Evaluation of Family to Family Ties: A Review of Family Mentorship in Action

McRae, Stacy and Keith Walker.

A New Vision fo Saskatchewan: Changing Lives and Systems through Individualized Funding for People with Intellectual...

Lynch, Karen and Isobel M. Findlay.

Tracking Quality of Life in Saskatoon: 2001-2004-2007


Full-Time Kindergarten in Saskatchewan, Part One: An Evaluation Framework for Saskatchewan Full-Time Kindergarten...

Muhajarine, Nazeem and Maureen Horn, Jody Glacken, Trina Evitts, Debbie Pushor, Brian Keegan.

Full-Time Kindergarten in Saskatchewan, Part Two: An Evaluation of Full-Time Kindergarten Programs in Three School...

Muhajarine, Nazeem and Trina Evitts, Maureen Horm, Jody Glacken, Debbie Pushor.

Aboriginal Mentoring in Saskatoon: A cultural perspective

Sinclair, Raven and Sherri Pooyak.


Title Author

Remaking the Links: Fair Trade for Local and Global Community Development.

Allan, Nancy and Michael Gertler.

Collective Kitchens in Three Canadian Cities: Impacts on the Lives of Participants

Engler-Stringer, Rachel.

Alberta Mentoring Partnership: Overview and Recommendations to Saskatoon Mentoring Agencies

Seguin, Maureen.

Evaluation of Respectful Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Program

Gauley, Marg.

Experiencing the Saskatoon YWCA Crisis Shelter: Residents' Views

Bidonde, Julia.

Evaluation of the YWCA Emergency Crisis Shelter: Staff and Stakeholder Perspectives.

Daniel, Ben.

Breakfast/Snack Programs in Saskatchewan Elementary Schools: Evaluating Benefits, Barriers, and Essential Skills

Henry, Carol J. and Carol Vandale, Susan Whiting, Flo Woods, Shawna Berenbaum, Adrian Blunt.

SEN-CUISR Environmental Charitable Organization Feasibility Study, Phase Two

Fillingham, Jennifer.

Understanding the Strengths of the Indigenous Communities: Flying Dust First Nation Focus Group Report

Schmidt, Heather and Patrick Derocher, Jeff McCallum, Yolanda McCallum.

Building A Caring Community Together: A Collaborative Poverty Elimination Strategy


Refugee Women and Their Postpartum Experiences

Roberts, Claire.


Title Author

Off Welfare...Now What?": Part II, Phase 2: Analysis

Dyck, Carmen.

Youth...on the brink of success: Youth Addictions Project

MacDermott, Wendy.

The Health of Employed Women and Men: Work, Family, and Community Correlates

Muhajarine, Nazeem and Bonnie Janzen.

As Essential As Food, An Effectiveness Review of the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation Tuition Subsidy Program

Propp, A.J. (Jim).

The Impact of KidsFirst Saskatoon Home Visiting Program in Families' Lives

Stadnyk, Nadia, Nazeem Muhajarine and Tammy J. Butler.

Mentoring in Saskatoon: Towards a Meaningful Partnership

Tannis, Derek.

Building Capacity of Fond du Lac Entrepreneurs to Establish and Operate Local Tourism Business: Assessment and...

Jonker, Peter, Colleen Whitedeer and Diane McDonald.

Full-time Kindergarten in Battlefords School Division #118 Community Schools

Evitts, Trina, Nazeem Muhajarine and Debbie Pushor.

Building A Caring Community Together: Quality of Life Briefing Paper (May 2005)



Title Author

Postpartum Depression Support Program Evaluation

Avis, Kyla and Angela Bowen.

The Co$t of Homophobia: Literature Review on the Economic Impact of Homophobia On Canada

Banks, Christopher.

Healthy Mother Healthy Baby: Program Logic Model and Evaluability Assessment

Bowen, Angela

Aboriginal Women Share Their Stories in an Outreach Diabetes Education Program

Dressler, Mary Pat.

Profile of an Inter-Sectoral Issue: Children Not In School

Gold, Jenny.

Saskatoon Charging and Disposition Patterns Under Section 213 of the Criminal Code of Canada

Harlingten, Leora.

Closer to Home: Child and Family Poverty in Saskatoon

Jackson, Maureen.

Common Functional Assessment and Disability-Related Agencies and Departments in Saskatoon

MacDermott, Wendy.

Evaluation of the Activities of the Working Group to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children

MacDermott, Wendy.

READ Saskatoon: Literacy Health Benefits Research

Townsend, Lynne.

School Fees in Saskatoon

Wohlgemuth, Nicole R.

Assessing the Impact of the Good Food Box Program in Saskatoon

Brownlee, Marilyn and Allison Cammer.

Off Welfare What Now? A Literature Review on the Impact of Provincial Welfare to Work Training Progams in...

Dyck, Carmen.

Direct Care Personnel Recruitment, Retention and Orientation

Li, Song.

Community Resilience, Community Economic Development and Saskatchewan Economic Developers

Radloff, Karla.

A Mixed Method Approach to Quality of Life in Saskatoon

Dunning, Heather.

Determining Saskatoon's Value Profile

Kelsey, Melissa.

211 Saskatchewan Situational Analysis

Lisoway, Amanda.

Immigrant Muslim Women and the Hijab: Sites of Struggle in Crafting and Negotiating Identities in Canada

Ruby, Tabassum.

Development of Neighbourhood Quality of Life Indicators

Sun, Yinshe.

Project Greenhorn: Community Gardening

Grosso, Paula and Jodi Crewe.


Title Author

Influencing Poverty Reduction Policy Through Research Evidence: Immigrant Women's Experience in Saskatoon

Drechsler, Coralee.

Child Poverty in Canada, Saskatchewan, and Saskatoon: A Literature Review and the Voices of the People

MacDermott, Wendy.

Respiratory Illness in Saskatoon Infants: The Impact of Housing and Neighbourhood Characteristics

Wright, Judith and Nazeem Muhajarine.

Saskatchewan's Regional Economic Development Authorities: A Background Document

Fernandes, Neville.

Situating Indicators of Social Well-Being in Rural Saskatchewan Communities

Reed, Maureen.

The Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op: A Review and Long-Term Strategy

Tupone, Juliano.

Access to Food in Saskatoon's Core Neighbourhood

Woods, Florence.

Integrative Wraparound (IWRAP) Process Training

Amankwah, Dinah.

An Evaluation of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Quality of Life Reporting System

Janzen, Bonnie.

Saskatchewan River Basin-Wide Survey of Residents' Attitudes Towards Water Resources and the Environment

Ofosuhene, Maxwell.

Quality of Life Leisure Indicators

Olfert, Sandi.

Affordable, Accessible Housing Needs Assessment at the North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre

Soles, Kama.

Peer Victimization Experiences in High School

Berntson, Ron.

Inventory of Hunger Programs in Saskatoon

Bowditch, Joanne.

Uprooting Poverty and Planting Seeds for Social Change: The Roots of Poverty Project

Grosso, Paula.

The Brightwater Environmental and Science Project: Respecting Traditional Ecological Knowledge - The Soul of a...

Kynoch, Bev.

The Cost of Homophobia: Literature Review on the Human Impact of Homophobia on Canada

Banks, Christopher.

Influencing Poverty Reduction Policy Through Research Evidence: Immigrant Women's Experience in Saskatoon

Drechsler, Coralee.


Title Author

Achieving a Healthy, Sustainable Community Quality of Life in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Research Summary (2001)

Williams, Allison and Sylvia Abonyi, Heather Dunning, Tracey Carr, Bill Holden, Ron Labonte, Nazeem Muhajarine, Jim Randall.