University of Saskatchewan
College of Dentistry

Application Checklist and Transcripts


The College of Dentistry accepts on-line applications only.  You may access the on-line application, August 1st through to January 15th, at

University of Saskatchewan Students: 

Non-University of Saskatchewan Students


  • Complete an on-line application with payment and submit by January 15;
  • Select "College of Dentistry" from the drop-down menu when applying. Do not select "Canadian Transfer"
  • Keep informed of your application status by checking the status on-line at regular intervals
  • If applicable, these supporting documents are due no later than February 1st:
    • proof that you have resided in Saskatchewan for at least 4 years immediately prior to September 1 of the year in which admission is being sought;
    • proof of Aboriginal ancestry
    • One page biography if One-page biography if you are applying as a "foreign trained dentist"
    • TWO official transcripts (must show first term final grades if you are currently registered) forwarded by the appropriate institution(s);
  • If offered an interview, arrange for TWO final and complete official transcripts due no later than June 5th. Your final marks for the second term/semester, if currently registered, must be reported on this transcript;
  • Official DAT report of your best overall DAT score within the last 3 years. If re-applying for admission, DAT scores already submitted need not be re-submitted to the College of Dentistry for a new application.


Applicants who previously attended or are currently attending the University of Saskatchewan are not required to request transcripts as their official record resides with this institution.  Other applicants must arrange for TWO final, complete official transcripts to be forwarded by the appropriate institution(s) directly to Admissions, Student and Enrolment Services (Undergraduate Applicants).

Transcripts or statements of standing issued to students are unacceptable.  Applicants who are presently attending classes in the second semester/term must ensure that final grades are reported for all first term/semester classes and that second term class registrations are indicated on the transcript for the current academic year.

Applicants who have previously applied for admission should know that if complete transcripts were submitted with their most recent application, the transcripts are retained on file for up to TWO years. However, updated transcripts must be requested if there is continued attendance at any institution since the last application.

If transcripts/documents are in a language other than English, the applicant must submit an official notarized, word for word, English translation together with original documents. Calendars and/or course descriptions covering the completed courses must also be submitted.

Candidates who are interviewed must arrange for two final and official, complete transcripts to be forwarded directly by the appropriate institution(s) to Admissions, Student and Enrolment Services (Undergraduate Applicants) with final marks for the second semester/term.

JUNE 5th is the deadline for all final transcripts for candidates who are offered an interview. If the date occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline automatically becomes 4:30 p.m. the previous Friday.

Applicants who have not been successful in gaining admission to the college are required to re-apply each year in which admission is being sought.

Admission requirements are subject to change from year to year.