Saskatchewan Residents

  1. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants at the time of application. 

  2. Applicants normally must have resided in Saskatchewan for at least four years immediately prior to September 1st of the year in which admission is being sought. 

    Applicants who left the province, but who previously lived in Saskatchewan for an accumulated period of 15 years (permanent residency), will be treated as residents. 

    Applicants who have previously lived in Saskatchewan for an accumulated period of less than 15 years and who do not qualify under the four-year condition will receive credit of one year toward the four year requirement for every four years of residency in the province. There are no exceptions to the four-year Saskatchewan residency rule.

    In support of a claim to qualify as a resident of Saskatchewan, the following proof and circumstances will be taken into account: 

    • Dates of issue on your Saskatchewan Health Card and either a Saskatchewan Driver’s License or Saskatchewan Income Tax forms confirming taxes paid in Saskatchewan.
    • Applicants who have completed four years of full-time study at Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions immediately prior to the year of admission being sought are considered Saskatchewan residents. To support this claim, official transcripts from the Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions attended must be provided by December 1st.
    • Reasons for any break in continuity of residence, which will include attendance at an out-of-province educational institution, summer employment where applicable, and any other reason deemed to be relevant.
    • Saskatchewan high school transcript (if you are NOT currently registered at the University of Saskatchewan) or resident of the Yukon, Northwest or Nunavut Territories.

Provide supporting documents for your applicant category when you apply.