University of Saskatchewan
College of Dentistry

Course Equivalencies

Course evaluations, re-evaluations, and decisions pertaining to course equivalencies are on-going.  Course evaluations that do not appear on the course equivalency list, or courses not previously evaluated, shall be conducted when a candidate completes an application for admission for the year in which admission is being sought.  This list is subject to frequent revisions.

Completion of pre-dentistry requirements does not guarantee admission

If you request an evaluation of your transcript without completing an application for admission, you will be required to pay the application fee of $170 for this service.  Should you decide to apply for admission for the current admission cycle, the fee will be credited to your application for admission; that is, you will not pay a second application fee if you apply in the same year that you requested the evaluation.  Please note, however, that you will forfeit the fee if you do not submit an application for admission.  If necessary, please contact the Admissions Office,, 306-966-5117, or 1-877-363-7275 for further information.