University of Saskatchewan
College of Dentistry

Selection Criteria

It is the duty of the Admissions Committee to select candidates that have the ability to succeed in the program.  The Admissions Committee reserves the right to review the candidate’s entire application submission and to deny entry to candidates whose academic background or history indicates a diminished probability of success.

Applicants must have a minimum overall average of at least 70% in the required pre-dentistry courses that have been completed by the end of the first term (Fall) of the current year but may complete any outstanding pre-dentistry courses in the second term (Winter). The overall pre-dentistry average and Academic Average will determine the applicant's eligibility for further admission consideration. All required pre-dentistry courses must be completed by the end of April the year in which admission is sought with an overall average of at least 70% to be eligible. Applicants who have not completed this requirement will not be considered.

Applicants who take a correspondence class must complete the class and write the final exam by the end of April.

In addition to completing the specified required pre-dentistry courses, students should choose a program and courses that will lead to an alternate career if dentistry is no longer a viable option.

It is recommended that applicants’ program of studies be in the area of the natural sciences.

ACADEMIC RECORD (65% overall weighting)

The full weighting of 65% is given to your TWO best academic years of study. Each academic year must have no fewer than 30 credit units of university level work. An academic year is defined as TWO standard academic terms consisting of eight *8) consecutive months (September to April). Applicants must have obtained a minimum cumulative weighted average of 75% over their TWO best academic years of study. Applicants will not be considered if they do not have the required minimum credit units within the 8-month period, September to April, or the minimum cumulative weighted average.

Applicants who take a correspondence class must complete the class and write the final exam by the end of April.

Applicants who have attended other post-secondary institutions must complete the equivalent of the required pre-dentistry courses and a minimum of two 30 credit unit years as defined above. Applicants who do not complete these requirements will not be considered.

DENTAL APTITUDE TEST (15% overall weighting)

All applicants must take the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) administered by the Canadian Dental Association. The test is conducted each year by a number of universities across Canada, including the University of Saskatchewan. The test can be written on two occasions, November 3, 2012 and February 23, 2013. The deadline dates for DAT applications are September 15, 2012 and January 15, 2013, respectively. Candidates may write the test on either date. The results will be accepted for both dates. For further information or to apply for the DAT, contact the CDA at (613)523-1770, fax: (613)523-7489, e-mail: or through their website

DAT results older than THREE years are not accepted for admission purposes (that is, no older than February 2010 for this application cycle). If an applicant has taken more than one DAT within this time period, the best overall DAT score will be used as the final score.

The applicable scores from the DAT will be those earned on:

  • Reading Comprehension (25%)
  • Academic Average (25%)
  • Perceptual Ability (25%)
  • Carving (25%) minimum score of 3*.

*NOTE: Effective the 2014/15 Admission Cycle, the Carving portion of the DAT will no longer be an admission requirement.

INTERVIEW (20% overall weighting)

Interviews are scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2013.

  • Interviews are granted based on the Academic Average as of the deadline for receipt of supporting documentation;
  • Applicants not selected for interviews will not be re-evaluated for the final selection in the current year;
  • Eligible applicants will be notified of their interview date;
  • Candidates may be disqualified from the admission competition for the year under consideration if their interview score is significantly below the mean of the current pool of candidates;
  • Candidates must interview each year in person at the University of Saskatchewan for the year in which admission is being sought.  The interview score obtained will be used only for the admission application under consideration.


The College does not require candidates submit reference letters as part of their application to Dentistry.