Step 1 - Prepare

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The College of Dentistry is considering requiring applicants to have completed a four-year undergraduate degree as a requirement for admission.  Information on this requirement will be posted on the website as it becomes available.


  • Most dentists make their career decision in late high school or early university.

  • Take Grade 12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math.

  • Read the College of Dentistry Admissions Guide.
  • Apply to an accredited degree-granting institution (U of S) to complete pre-dentistry studies.

  • Complete three full time (30 credit unit) years of university-level course work leading to an undergraduate level degree between September and April (with a cumulative wighted average of at least 75%).  Your two best years of full-time study will be used to calculate your admission average (for example, if you have completed four years of study, your best two years will be used; they don't have to be consecutive years).

  • Complete 36 credit units of specified pre-dentistry pre-requisite courses (with an overall average of at least 70%). These courses can be taken either within or outside of the required three full-time years of university-level course work (for example, you can complete pre-dentistry course requirements either in the summer, or within or outside of the required three years of university level course work). Examples of equivalent courses from Canadian post secondary institutions are listed on the Equivalency List. 

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