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Continuing Awards are divided into two awards cycles: the Continuing Scholarship cycle and the Continuing Bursary cycle.  Each cycle will have a separate application form available from

The Continuing Scholarship Cycle :

This cycle includes all centrally-administered awards which do not consider financial need.  The application form is titled Application for Continuing Scholarships and the completed application is due at Student Central by 4:30 p.m. on June 1st.  The Student Financial Assistance & Awards office expects to notify all recipients of their centrally-administered continuing scholarships by the end of July.

The Continuing Bursary Cycle :

The Continuing Bursary cycle includes all centrally-administered awards which consider financial need as part of the eligibility or selection criteria.  The application for bursaries is titled Application for Continuing Bursaries.  To determine students’ financial need, each student will be required to complete the online Financial Need Calculator.  A link to the Financial Need Calculator will be provided to students after they submit the Continuing Bursaries application form.  The Continuing Bursaries application form will be available online in August.  The Student Financial Assistance and Awards office expects to notify all bursary recipients by mid-January.

Students are encouraged to submit both the Continuing Awards application form and the Financial Need Calculator as they will determine your eligibility for both centrally-administered awards as well as awards administered by the College of Dentistry that are based on financial need.