20% Overall Weighting

Interviews are scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 2017.

  • Interviews are granted based on the academic average of the applicant’s TWO best years and the best overall DAT score.
  • Courses taken during the application year will NOT be included in academic average calculation.
  • In the interview selection process, applicants will not be considered for admission if they have, in their best DAT score, achieved any of the following:

    • An Academic Average score of less than 15 or
    • A Perceptual Ability score of less than 14 or
    • A Reading Comprehension score of less than 14
  • In order to be considered for an interview, applicants must demonstrate a minimum DAT average (average of the Academic Average, Perceptual Ability and Reading Comprehension scores) as determined by the Admissions Committee.  Over the past three years, the minimum DAT averages were as follows:

    • Saskatchewan residents:  17.00 (2015), 17.00 (2014), 15.00 (2013)
    • Out of Province applicants:  20.00 (2015), 19.00 (2014), 18.00 (2013)
  • Applicants not selected for an interview will not be re-evaluated for the final selection in the current year.
  • Eligible applicants will be notified of their interview time.
  • Candidates may be disqualified from the admission competition for the year under consideration if their interview score is significantly below the mean of the current pool of candidates.
  • Candidates must interview each year in person at the University of Saskatchewan for the year in which admission is being sought. The interview score obtained will be used only for the admission application under consideration.
  • Interview scores are not released to applicants and feedback about the interview is not provided.

Applicants offered interviews should note that interviews are scheduled only once per year. Rescheduling, regardless of the reason, cannot be accommodated.

Eligibility is weighted on Academic Average (65%), the DAT (15%), and an interview (20%).