Upcoming Continuing Dental Education Courses

     The outstanding continuing education conferences, events, and programs listed below are available for College of Dentistry students, faculty and alumni. Online registration is available for some events.

    Calendar 2015


    • Building Healthy Smiles For A Lifetime           Note: Registration will start at 8:30am on April 25th, 2015
      • Regina: April 25, 2015
        Venue: Radisson Hotel, Regina                                                                       
        Registration Deadline: April 22, 2015                     Online Registration


    • Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)
      May 9, 2015
      Dr. Dean Kolbinson
      Dr. Kabir Virdi
      Dr. Frank Hohn
      Mr. Richard Bourassa

      Venue: A 226 Health Sciences, 107 Wiggins Road
      University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5E5   Map
      Registration Deadline: May 6, 2015                                   Online Registration
    • Building Healthy Smiles For A Lifetime                 Note: Registration will start at 8:30am on May 23rd, 2015
      Prince Albert: May 23, 2015
      Venue: Travelodge Hotel, Prince Albert
      Registration Deadline: May 20, 2015                                  Online Registration

      Dr. Gerry Uswak
      Dr. Alyssa Hayes
      Ms. Janet Grey



    • Prosthodontics      Coming Soon 
      October 17, 2015
      Dr. Derek Hopkins
      Dr. Mark Hopkins


    • Risk Assessment   Coming Soon
      Dr. Berni White
      Dr. Gerry Uswak
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    Continuing Education Courses 2014-2015
    April 11, 2015 (Course 1)
    January 24, 2015
    November 22, 2014
    October 18, 2014
    2014 Saskatchewan Oral Health Professions Annual Conference

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