Why Give?

Established in 1965, the College of Dentistry saw its first class of dental students graduate in 1972.

Today, more than 900 University of Saskatchewan dental graduates have put excellence in patient care into practice worldwide. To ensure future generations of our graduates are prepared for entry into dental practice, it is critical that the College of Dentistry’s funding priorities are realized. These include:

Enhancing the Student Learning Experience

Our facilities must be upgraded to ensure high quality patient care and up-to-date teaching and learning opportunities. Our current classrooms, pre-clinical and clinical spaces are more than 30 years old. The learning spaces are outdated from the perspective of size, technology, infection control and patient safety.

Pre-clinical and classroom spaces can only house 30 students at a time. The College has limited ability to increase the program’s class size or add additional professional programs as a result. Opportunity exists to consolidate and expand the college as a dental teaching hospital.

Advancing Research & Innovation

Saskatchewan’s size, geographic and population landscape make it an ideal living laboratory for researchers. Whether it is the collection of oral health status data, the exploration of inter-professional oral health care models, or the development of innovative oral health care policy, research improves access to care for us all.

An opportunity exists to secure an Endowed Chair to help the College rejuvenate its research and scholarly activities. The research findings would improve existing services and make implementation of new services possible for the benefit of all.

Community Outreach & Access to Care

Saskatoon West Dental, an outreach clinic located in the inner city, recently opened its doors to patients. A joint venture between the College of Dentistry and private enterprise, the outreach clinic provides comprehensive dental services at a reduced rate to patients without insurance. It also serves as a clinical teaching facility for senior students.

Ongoing support is required to ensure patients receive quality care in a timely manner. The clinic has been made possible through loans, but on-going costs amount to approximately $500,000 per year.

Your gift will help ensure that our graduates are well prepared for entry into practice.

Where to Give?

The Infrastructure Revitalization Fund: Your gift will provide new equipment and capital enhancements for College of Dentistry students to learn in the best environment possible.  Today, the focus to upgrade and renovate the student educational clinic and pre-clinical labs is a major priority.  In the past, support to this fund has provided everything from new dental chairs to a new clinic.  Donations for new equipment and enhancements to the college can be directed to this fund.

The Endowment Fund: To provide financial support for student awards & enhancements including teaching, research & clinical equipment, and development of new courses.

Class Funds: currently classes with funds include 1972, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1996, 2001 & 2003.  Class funds are created to support various needs of the College of Dentistry at any given time including student awards, clinic related capital projects, travel for existing student conferences & guest lecturers, supporting college programs and much more.

Student Scholarships: There are many awards for dental students that lessen the financial burden and reduce stress.  The Annual Campaign for Students provides many Opportunity Awards to first & second year dental students.  The Dr. Kirk Johnston Spirit Memorial Award & Dr. George Peacock Memorial Award are among the many available to dental students.  Contact Stacey Schewaga at 306-966-4001 or stacey.schewaga@usask.ca for more information.