University of Saskatchewan
College of Dentistry

Student Treatment Clinic

Welcome to the Student Dental Clinic in the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan. We are a full service dental facility. Under the supervision of licensed dentists, our students do fillings, dentures, braces, bridges, root canals, crowns, treatment of gum disease, extractions of wisdom teeth, children's dentistry and more.

Special Notes:

  • Treatment in the College of Dentistry student dental clinic is provided by our student dentists at reduced fees
  • Students are always supervised by qualified practitioners
  • Because treatment is provided by the students, who have limited clinical time available to them, your treatment will take longer to complete than it would in a private practice care setting
  • As an educational facility we have extremely limited patient care available during certain times of the year, such as during the months of December, July and August. During these times, provisions are made to ensure that emergency care is available to our patients.

The fees charged in our student dental clinic are approximately 20 – 35% less than those in the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan suggested fee guide.

How to become a patient
If you wish to become a patient in our student dental clinic please phone (306) 966-5056. You will be asked to attend a scheduled screening appointment where a brief medical history and dental examination will be done to determine if your dental needs can be met by our students. There is no charge for this appointment other than radiographs, should any be taken.

What to Expect After Being Accepted
Once you are accepted as a patient you will be scheduled for a diagnosis appointment where you will receive a thorough examination and a treatment plan is established. The charge for the examination and radiographs is approximately $50-100.

Your name will then go onto a waiting list. Patients are assigned to students according to our students' level of training and requirements. This may take some time! Once you are assigned to a student you will be contacted for your first appointment.