"No one can look unto the future. That is denied us. I can say one thing. I have devoted the years of my life—the full span—to this country. That devotion has been repaid over and over again by the fact that Canadians have given me, in my custody, their hopes and aspirations. I shall continue to do everything I can…to bring about the concepts which have been my life’s work, the denial of discrimination and the preservation of unity."

- TV
November 8, 1965

About Us

Built in 1979 and opened in 1980, the Diefenbaker Building has housed the Diefenbaker archives, museum, and gallery since its inception. As Canada’s only Prime Ministerial centre the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (DCC) is a destination for tourists, school groups, and local visitors. The Diefenbaker collection is enhanced by the presentation of national and international cultural exhibitions, and the development of educational, public, and outreach programming.

The DCC brings together a wide audience of school, public and private groups, including university classes, day cares, seniors’ organisations, and ESL programs to promote community engagement.

The Centre is a unique venue with new opportunities for public tours, educational programming, community outreach, book launches, and academic lectures. Our dedication to hosting nationally-renowned exhibits enhances the cultural profile of our community, and assists in drawing local and national attention to the University of Saskatchewan.

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre is open year round, excluding some major holidays. Located on the East bank of the South Saskatchewan River, the Centre is easily accessible by foot, bike, car or bus. The Centre welcomes visitors from the public, schools, or community groups, and remains committed to preserving Diefenbaker's legacy through education and community outreach.