Fostering a Vision for Canada

The Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker dreamed of a united Canada, one which would find strength through diversity. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre’s (DCC) mandate is to build on this legacy by celebrating citizenship, leadership, human rights and Canada’s role in the international community. In addition to preserving and interpreting the core collection of personal artifacts bequeathed by Mr. Diefenbaker to the University of Saskatchewan (UofS), the DCC proudly hosts exhibits that interpret the Canadian experience, with a particular emphasis on the culture and heritage of the nation’s many peoples.

The only Prime Ministerial Centre in Canada, the DCC enriches the community’s civic and cultural knowledge through:

- a gallery featuring in-house researched and produced displays, as well as nationally acclaimed travelling exhibits that bring the university and wider public together to explore topics that speak to the heart of our mandate;

- quality educational programs that encourage youth to investigate the significance of history, rights, freedoms and Canadian governance, while challenging them to be aware of their vital role as active citizens;

- creating engagement opportunities with the larger community in a cultural space where discussion and debate are encouraged; and

- attendance at local cultural and community events, providing increased access to Canadian heritage and history.

For more information see our report to the community [here]