Feature Exhibit

In September 2010, The Diefenbaker Canada Centre was proud to open a new, in-house produced exhibition examining the role and relevance of the Canadian Bill of Rights. The Canadian Bill of Rights received Royal Assent on 10 August 1960, and was one of Prime Minister Diefenbaker’s proudest achievements.

Diefenbaker Canada Centre Gallery 2012

The DCC underwent extensive renovations in 2011/2012, reopening its doors to the public on March 30, 2012.  We pleased to present another in-house exhibit entitled "Unity, Diversity, and Justice: Canadian Approaches to Human Rights."  This ambitious exhibit documents and investigates both domestic and international human rights issues and compares the rhetoric of Canadian politicians with the results of their policies. Building on "The Canadian Bill of Rights" display, "Building Unity and Justice: Human Rights in a Developing World" delves into human rights and freedoms through broader themes that include global ideas of justice and equality.

In the Stone Gallery, the Centre is proud to host a community-based research exhibit created by the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, entitled "Building Community: Creating Social and Economic Well-Being." The exhibit explores the interrelated themes of community development, inclusion, sustainability, and engagement. Visitors are challenged to dream about what is possible for their own communities while experiencing the achievements of others.