At the Diefenbaker Canada Centre we offer an eclectic mix of cultural and historical themed items. Our gift shop includes everything from Canadian Legends Action figures to Avro Arrow merchandise to Japanese paper products and much more to suit every taste and budget. With each new exhibit we bring in new unique merchandise that coincides with the topic of the display. Below are just a few examples of our current offerings:

New! History of Canada colouring books now in the gift shop.
Two versions available: "Part 1: 30,000 BC to 1836" and "Part 2: 1837 to Today".

Avro Arrow Mugs

Avro Arrow Hats
 RCAF Shot Glasses

Carved Stone Sculptures
Suffrage Pins
Beaded Leather Gloves
Various Books,
Fiction and Non
Canada Heritage
Canada Heritage
Japanese Daruma
Various Origami
Sushi Erasers
Avro Arrow and
RCAF Clothing