Historical Campus Tours

Historical walking tours are available throughout the year for school and community groups as well as individuals and families. In this 1.5 hour walking tour your docent will highlight the university’s history, important achievements, and unique architecture. These tours are a great way to get students interested in and familiar with the university, inspire future university students, and help familiarize newcomers to Saskatchewan with this important landmark.

Cost: An hour and a half campus tour is $35.

Great War Themed Campus Tour

During the Great War 350 students out of 420 students joined the war effort, forever changing the idenity of the university. The 1.5 hour tour visits buildings, sites, and memorials throughout the grounds that contain special significance for the war. The tour also explores the impacts of the Great War, both at home and abroad, that have perminately shaped the university.

Cost: An hour and a half campus tour is $35.

Ghost Walk

The ghost walks are offered on select evenings in October, this walking tour features fascinating campus myths and spooky ghost stories. The tour was created through cooperative work between the DCC and the U of S Alumni Association and provides an opportunity for the public to engage with university heritage in a lighthearted way. 

Gallery Tours

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre offers a variety of exhibits for school and community groups to tour. The content in the gallery focuses on cultural diversity within Canada and on past events that have directly affected present Canadian identity. As such, they are ideal for newcomer groups, the Saskatchewan social studies cirriculum, and people who enjoy Canadian history. Gallery tours can focus on a specific exhibit of interest or combine various exhibits into one tour.

Cost: A half hour gallery tour is $25, and a full hour gallery tour is $35.

Free 1 hour gallery tours are provided on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm during the months of September, October, and Novemeber.

For more information on our current exhibits, please click here.

Please contact us to book or for more information, or book online.

"There were many who said it couldn’t be achieved, but now we have equality in Canada, without regard to race, creed, or any other consideration."

Diefenbaker (Welland, Ont.)