Primary Documents

Primary documents currently in production

Elias Ashmole 
  * MS Book of the Dean of Christ Church
  * MS Book of the Principal of Brasenose
  * MS Book of the Regius Professor of Medicine
  * MS Book of the Senior Proctor
  * MS Book of the Vice Chancellor
  * MS Book of the Junior Proctor

James and Andrew Balfour
  * Letters to a Friend (1700)

John Bargrave
  * Gentle Traveller [catalogue]
  * MS catalogue "Rara, Antiqua, et Numismata Bargraviana" (Canterbury Cathedral Archives)
  * MS Bargrave's Labels (Canterbury Cathedral Archives)

Thomas Browne and Edward Brown
  * Musaeum Clausum
  * selections from their correspondence

Walter Cope
  * Description by Walter Patter (1599)

William Courten (aka Charleton)
  * MS account books

Robert Hubert
  * A Catalogue of Many Natural Rarities (1664) and (1665)
  * A Catalogue of a Part of Those Rarities (1669)

Oxford University Anatomy School
  * MS catalogues Rawl. D912 and Rawl. C 865

Robert Paston
  * MS [An inventory of the collection of the Pastons at Oxnead Hall]

The Royal Society of London
  * Grew, Musaeum Regalis Societatis (1681)

Ralph Thoresby
  * Musaeum Thoresbyanum (1715)
  * Diary (1677-1724)

The John Tradescants
  * Musaeum Tradescantianum (1656)
  * MacGregor, Tradescant's Rarities (1983)