Calves' Heads and Brains or a Phrenological Lecture
by J. Lump & L. Bump
(Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection)


In-House Colloquia sponsored by ECS at U of S

September 2004: Warren Johnston (History, University of Saskatchewan), "Apocalypse now, then: Revolution and Revelation in Restoration England"

March 2004: Larry Stewart (History), "Enlightenment Matters"

February 2004: book launch for Raymond Stephanson's (English) book The Yard of Wit: Male Creativity & Sexuality, 1650-1750 (U Penn Press, 2004)

October 2003: Lisa Smith (History), "Trust and the 'Unruly' Patient in the Eighteenth Century"

April 2003: Ron Love (History), "Overland to China at the End of the Earth: Philippe Avril and the Intellectual Discovery of Siberia, 1685-1690"

February 2002: Peter C. Dooley (Economics), “‘In the seat of thy face’: An Historical Note on the Labour Theory of Value”

October 2000: book launch for Peter Millard’s (English, emeritus) edition of Roger North’s Notes of Me

October 2000: Jolanta Pekacz (History), "The Lure of Polite Conversation: Feminine Salons and Enlightenment Discourse in Pre-Revolutionary France"

December 1999: book launch for David Edney’s (Languages and Linguistics) translation of Beaumarchais’s The Three Figaro Plays

October 1999: Gordon DesBrisay (History), "Poor Aberdeen: Poverty and Charity in an Early Modern Town"

April 1999: Ron Love (History), "Of Priests, Potentates, and the Propagation of the Faith: French Missionaries at Siam in the 17th Century"

November 1998: Allison Muri and Lisa Vargo (English), "The Anna Laetitia Barbauld Web Page"

January 1998: Peter Hynes (English), "Terence without Tears? Some Questions of Genealogy in Diderot's Theatre"

November 1997: Moishe Black (French, emeritus), "Lucretius Tells Diderot, Here's My Plan"

February 1997: Peter Millard (English, emeritus), "Concepts of the Self in Late 17th-Century/Early 18th-Century England, and Roger North's Notes of Me"

November 1996: Hugh Johnson (History), "Consumerism in Eighteenth-Century French Literature"

April 1996: Pamela Haig Bartley (Drama), "Producing Wycherley's The Country Wife"

March 1996: Larry Stewart (History), "Inventing Work: Machines and the Origins of Political Economy"

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