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Recognition Event

On April 16th 2014, College of Education staff, faculty, and friends, gathered at the German Cultural Center in Saskatoon to congratulate long service employees and bid farewell to retirees.

 Our Retirees
Sheila Carr-Stewart
Mark Flynn
Vivian Hajnal
Ivan Kelly
Len Proctor
Pat Renihan
Rick Schwier
Veronica Soltys

10 Years of Service
Stephanie Martin
Laureen McIntyre
Debbie Pushor

25 Years of Service
Mark Flynn
Howard Woodhouse


 Liberal Arts Education Credited to Brenna’s Huge Success


I don't think I have met anyone as humble as author and faculty member, Bev Brenna, especially considering this woman has some lofty achievements under her belt. Recently, she has been nominated for the Governor General’s Literacy Award in the category of Children’s Books, one of Canada’s most honourable literary awards, for her book The White Bicycle.

The White Bicycle is about a young woman with Asperger's syndrome, told in the first-person. “My biggest wish for my work is that readers will take away a good story. Next to that wish nestles the hope that this story offers mirrors and windows, helping us to see ourselves and others in the world we live in - a world of diversity," she said.  “Threaded through The White Bicycle are themes directly related to superb classes I took in 1982 and 1983 from the U of S drama department, and I am very grateful for the strong liberal arts education that has been an inspiration to me throughout my writing endeavors."

The winners will be announced Nov. 13 in Toronto, followed by a ceremony at Rideau Hall on Nov. 28. Have a question or comment for Bev? Would you like to share your own story of Success?


Scholarship Affords Single-Parent the Opportunity to Succeed in Higher Education

Therri Papp, recipient of the 2013 Doctoral Scholarship in Community Engagement for her commitment to community engaged scholarship, began volunteering at the local community level and quickly expanded to the world community, “Through volunteering, I have naturally gravitated to the youth and found that I could make a difference. I found facilitating learning both rewarding and life altering. In fact, it was the catalyst that changed my vocation to where I am today. I was told that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I loved facilitating learning with youth. I was doing it for free for many years. That epiphany led me to change my life path, return to school and be exactly where I should be – doing what I love. Most importantly, I feel I am making a difference in the lives of youth by facilitating learning… now I can extend my commitment into academia and share my passion with the larger academic community.”

Therri professes that the hardest part about her education journey is only having one source of income, “The commitment to succeed in higher education requires financial means but also realizing that life still happens despite school.  As an adult educator and adult learner, I am empathetic to the complexities of life that my students face because I have “been there, done that”! The bills still need to be paid, family obligations remain dominant, course readings and assignments need to be completed and a delicate balance must be negotiated.” The proceeds from the scholarship will afford Therri the opportunity to succeed in her studies and focus on her research.

Outstanding Thesis Earns Graduate Student Top Honours

Janice Cruise

In recognition of her outstanding graduate thesis entitled, Professional Development for Teachers in Rural and Remote Saskatchewan: Making a Case for Asynchronous Online Professional Development, the College of Education is proud to announce that Janice Cruise has earned the 2013 Adult and Continuing Education Thesis Award!

This photo was taken at Imperial School. it was the staff working at this school whom she dedicated her award winning thesis to.

Established to recognize a graduate thesis or dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the understanding of university continuing education work, the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education will present the award to Janice at their conference in Montreal, in late May.  Congratulations, Janice!