College of Education News

St. Denis Receives Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Education


Dr. Verna St. Denis, professor in the department of Education Foundations in the College of Education, has been awarded the 2014 Provosts Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Education.

 St. Denis is the 5th recipient of this prestigious Provost’s Award, and the 4th faculty member from the College of Education.

 Widely considered a leading expert in the fields of anti-colonial, critical race theory; anti-oppressive teacher education; and indigenous education, St. Denis was chosen for based on her exceptional contribution to Aboriginal Learning at the University of Saskatchewan. The award letter reads, “Your passion for teaching and learning is made evident in your innovative and unique approach to Aboriginal education, and, in particular, to supporting Aboriginal students in the College of Education.” 

 St. Denis was excited to receive the award and thankful for the support she has received along the way, “Thanks to my parents, I arrived here at the U of S May 1978 to begin my first course ‘how to teach elementary math’ in room 1039. Upon walking into that room I was greeted by a relative and soon to be many friends who encouraged and mentored me. I feel very fortunate to have received the support I did those many years ago, it has provided the foundation for the teaching and work I have done since then.” 

 The Provost’s Award annually recognize an outstanding teacher who has demonstrated success in three avenues: teaching aboriginal students, teaching about Aboriginal perspectives, and providing leadership in Aboriginal Education. Issued by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, St. Denis will be recognized at the Celebration of Teaching event to be held later this year.  


 Morrison Receives Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching


Dirk Morrison is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Design in the Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education.

The provost’s College Awards for Outstanding Teaching annually recognizes an exceptional teacher in each College at the University of Saskatchewan.

With a focus on instructional design practice, distance and e-learning, and the effects of ICT on culture and society, Morrison has a clear vision of what he is striving to achieve, “My goal in designing and teaching within the online learning environments is to create spaces and opportunities in which students can exercise critical engagement with new ideas, evaluate others' perceptions and perspectives, and experience deeper, richer, and informed understandings of the world they encounter, personally and professionally.”

Morrison was humbled by the news of the award, “I was very pleased to be chosen from amongst many of my colleagues, all of whom continue to demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning. I deeply appreciated the confidence of students and colleagues who supported my nomination.”

 The Provost’s Awards recognizes an individual who demonstrates evidence of both outstanding teaching and educational leadership, and is to be used to support a project or scholarship in teaching and learning.  Issued by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, Morrison will be recognized at the Celebration of Teaching event to be held later this year.



Honourary Doctorate Degree for Battiste


First Nations educator and researcher, Marie Battiste, will be awarded a Honourary Doctorate Degree from Thompson Rivers University for her research in improving the physical, spiritual and mental health of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples through the de-colonization of Aboriginal education. The award will be presented in mid-June at the Spring 2013 Convocation Ceremonies at the University’s Kamloops Campus.