Conference Program 2008


Sponsored by the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
Friday and Saturday, March 7 & 8, 2008

On the fifteenth anniversary of revisions to Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Code, we honour
Members of the 1975 Committee to Defend Doug Wilson

We gratefully acknowledge support from the University of Saskatchewan Conference Program Fund, the Corren Foundation (Vancouver), the Kelsey Positive Space Committee (SIAST Student Affairs), Nichols Interiors, USSU Pride Centre, and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

Friday, March 17th - 7:30 - 9:30pm
College of Education
  • A welcome from the University: Acting Associate Dean Sheila Carr-Stewart, College of Education
  • Greetings from the Government of Saskatchewan by Deputy Minister of Education Audrey Roadhouse
  • Recovering our Past: Contributions by members of the Committee to Defend Doug Wilson
  • Chair: Dr. Valerie Korinek, Department of History, University of Saskatchewan
  • Presentation of Awards of Appreciation by Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner Dr. Marilou McPhedran and members of high school GSAs


Saturday, March 7th - 9:00am-4:00pm
Morning Sessions - Quance Lecture Theatre, College of Education

9:15-10:30am Spirituality, Worship, and Queer Issues: A panel moderated by Michael MacLean, U of S Campus Ministry

Rev. Anne Marie Nicklin, St. Paul’s Anglican Parish, Biggar
Rev. Michael Poellet, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Saskatoon
Fr. André Poilièvre, Priest Moderator, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Martensville
Laura Fouhse, Diaconal Minister, McClure United Church, Saskatoon

10:30-10:45am Coffee Break - Sponsored by the Kelsey Positive Space Committee (SIAST Student Affairs)

10:45-11:30am Hate and Bias Crimes, Const. Preston Parranto and Const. Mike McLean, Cultural Resources Unit, Saskatoon Police Service. This session will explore how to recognize, deal with, and report hate and bias crimes.

11:30am-12:30pm Sharing the Good News

(A) More Good News - Room 1004 - Facilitated by Margi Corbett, Teacher, Hague High School

(B) High School Good News - Student Lounge - Facilitated by Emily Coates, Coordinator, Out and Proud Youth, Avenue Community Centre

Lunch: 12:30-1:30pm
First Afternoon Session 1:30-2:20pm 

(1) Thom Knutson, Youth Services Coordinator, Saskatoon Public Library (SPL),
“Out on the shelves: Recent queer fiction for teens”
Room 2010

This session uses book talks to promote of some of the more recent titles for young adults that feature queer characters, themes, and plots. By the end of the session, participants will be more familiar with new titles and authors, and will have gained a sense of the queer materials available through Young Adult Services at Saskatoon Public Library. SPL's booklist, Rainbow Reads, will be available. Participants will also be invited to share their favourite titles.
Chair: Anthony Santoro

(2) André Grace and Kristopher Wells, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, Faculty of Education,
“Starting a new GSA, keeping it active, and tips for building an LGBTQ inclusive school”
Room 1024

This session describes what school administrators need to know and do to help their schools become affirming and inclusive spaces for sexual-minority students and teachers. We will focus on supporting gay-straight student alliances as one tangible way in which school administrators can help to make space for sexual minorities in their schools. We will discuss different types of GSAs, provide tips to help sustain them, and address ways to deal with potential barriers. All workshop participants will receive a free copy of the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Gay–Straight Student Alliance Handbook.
Chair: Elizabeth Cooney

(3) Don Cochrane and Melanie Morrison, University of Saskatchewan,
“How safe and welcoming are Saskatchewan secondary schools for LGBQ youth? A research report on student perceptions”
Room 2005

In a 2008 online survey, students were asked about the frequency of homophobic talk in their schools; who intervened and how often; how such talk affected their academic, social, and extra-curricular and athletic involvement; and—were they LGBQ—who in the school community they might turn to for support. In particular, we report on students’ assessment of the importance of GSAs in their lives.
Chair: Paul Clarke

(4) Clara Lavery, Coordinator, USSU Pride Centre and Pam Ashburn, USSU Pride Centre Volunteer,
"The Politics of Gender Identity"
Room 1251

What does gender mean? Who decides what gender is and how gender is performed? What does it mean to be transgender, and what are the intersections of gender and sexuality? This session discusses these questions and explores the politics of gender identity.
Chair: Nicole White

Clint Jones Tootoosis, Crystal Saulteaux, and Dale Ahenakew,
“The Two-Spirit tradition: Past, present, and the future”
Room 2009

This conversation circle will examine the past historic role, the present corruption of colonization,, and the future reclaiming of our place in the Circle as an imperative part of the healing process.
Chair: Dave Little

Second Afternoon Session 2:30-3:20pm

(1) André Grace and Kristopher Wells, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta,
“Safer Schools for Sexual Minorities: Tips for School Administrators and Setting Up GSAs
Room 1024

For a description of this session, see First Afternoon Session (2)
Chair: Don Cochrane

(2) Bill Prentice and Lynda Oliver, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education,
“Seeing ourselves in the curriculum, in the classroom, and in the school community”
Room 2005

This session will highlight the curriculum frameworks for language arts and arts education and the supporting resources that promote respect for sexual orientation and gender identity in the Ministry of Education's core curriculum. Both curricula provide a space for students to explore their identity and to develop a voice in a safe environment. We will also present some proposed changes for 2008-2009.
Chair: Anthony Santoro

(3) Cantor Neil Schwartz,
“Gender issues in Jewish clergy”
Room 2009

This session will explore the struggle that went on among Conservative Jews over the issue of women rabbis, and then move to the issue of gay and lesbian rabbis.
Chair: Michael MacLean

(4) Ali Lake,
“Youth to youth facilitation!”
Room 2010

How often do you get to discuss LGBT issues in our classroom, lunchroom, church basement, or high-school staff meeting? We queer and ally youth can take it upon ourselves to educate our peers and mentors about gender and sexual diversity. Learn and practice some fun facilitation skills and connect with members of the Respect for Sexual Diversity Youth.
Chair: Elizabeth Cooney

(5) Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck, Anglican Church of Canada,
“Tip of the Iceberg”
Room 1251

By and large, churches are still not safe places for LGBTT folks. This session takes a look at some of the underlying issues involved in why the queer community is taking the heat for tensions in faith communities. Underneath it all, what is at stake is the image of God/dess in each human being.
Chair: Julie Richards

Closing: Quance Lecture Theatre 3:30-4:30pm

Arts Extravaganza: Poetry Fusion—GSAs collaborate and create.
Organized by Belinda Betker, Bob Birtles, and Cathy Lacey

Bridge City Chorus

What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?
Into the West

5:00pm - USSU Pride Centre Pizza Party for high-school and university students