Referral Process & Forms

Information for Parents/Caregivers to Psychoeducational Assessment

Referral Process

  • All referrals will be reviewed by our team of professionals in CAIRS. 
  • Care will be taken to ensure client confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire referral and assessment process. 
  • Referrals will prioritized based on need and relative urgency of each set of circumstances.
  • Individuals will be contacted within a two week period following the receipt of their completed referral form. 
  • If the referral fits within our scope of practice, individuals will be contacted and an appointment scheduled.
  • In some instances, a decision may be made to not proceed with an assessment through CAIRS. The individual initiating the referral will be contacted to ensure the reasons for this decision are communicated.
  • If the referral form does not fit within our scope of practice, an appropriate referral will be made.


Psychoeducational Assessment Referral Form