Dr Carr-Stewart

Professor (BA, MA, MEd, Graduate Diploma, PhD) → On Sabbatical Leave 20130701 – 20140630

  • Community Leadership
  • Administrative Roles
  • Organization Theory
  • First Nations Education


Undergraduate Teaching

  • EADM 425 - Legal and Institutional Contexts of Education

Graduate Teaching

  • EADM 811 - History and Development of Organizational Theory
  • EADM 819 - First Nations Educational Leadership and Governance
  • EADM 820 - Administrative Roles
  • EADM 836 - Leading Community Relations
  • EADM 881 - Organizational Paradigms and Analysis

Graduate Supervision (Theses and Dissertations Completed)


Selected Publications

  • Steeves, L., Carr-Stewart, S., Marshall, J. (2011). Aboriginal student educational attainment: A Saskatchewan perspective. Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations. (In Press)
  • Steeves, L., Carr-Stewart, S. & Marshall, J. (2011). Enhancing Student Achievement: The Importance of Second Level Educational Services in First nations Schools in one Tribal Council in Saskatchewan. In Education Journal. (In Press).
  • Carr-Stewart, S. (2010). First Nation Education: A Legal and Administrative Quagmire. In R. C. Flynn (Ed.) Educational Leadership Today and Tomorrow: The Law as a Friend or Foe (pp 83- 104). Toronto, ON: NR Printing Solutions Inc.
  • Carr-Stewart, S., & Preston, J. (2010). Blackfoot children and Old Sun’s Boarding School 1894-1897: A case study. First Nations Perspectives: The Journal of the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre.
  • Preston, J., Carr-Stewart, S. & Northwest, C. (2009). Curtailing Aboriginal youth gangs: Preventative approaches. First Peoples Child & Family Review, 4(2), 152-160.
  • Carr-Stewart, S. & Steeves, L. (2009). First Nations educational governance: A fractured mirror. CJEAP, 97, 1-10.
  • Carr-Stewart, S., Cooke, S., & Dillon, T. (2008). First Nations Education in Canada: Towards Local Control. In Indigenous Education: Asia/Pacific. Heber, R. W. (Ed.) Regina, SK.
  • Carr-Stewart, S. (2007). Treaty 6 Education: In Search of Her Majesty’s Bounty and Benevolence. Canadian Journal of Native Education 30(2), 248-257
  • Carr-Stewart, S., Cooke, S., Dillon, T., (2007). First Nations Education in Canada: Towards Local Control. The 4th International Conference on Indigenous Education: Asia/Pacific. Vancouver, BC. Hosted by First Nations University of Canada.
  • Carr-Stewart, S., Forsyth, M., Campbell, K., McNair, B. (2007). Helping Our Children: An Action Research Project. Twelfth National Congress on Rural Education. Saskatoon, SK.
  • Carr-Stewart, S. (2007). First Nations Education: Issues of Governance, Accountability and Educational Attainment. Hawaii International Education Conference.



Dr Sheila Carr-Stewart
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