Faculty, Staff, Adjuncts, and Associates


Dr David Burgess
(Department Head & Graduate Chair)
  • Teaching: Organizational Theory, Educational Law
  • Research Interests: Philosophy of Organization, Organization Theory, Educational Law, Methods in Legal Instruction and Research, Comparative Educational Administration, Critical Realism

Prof Jeff Baker

(Assistant Professor & Chair in Aboriginal Educational Administration)
  • Teaching: First Nations Education
  • Research Interests: Indigenous Education, Science Education

Dr Sheila Carr-Stewart

(Professor → on sabbatical 20130701 – 20140630)
  • Teaching: Community Leadership, Administrative Roles, Organization Theory, First Nations Education, Capstone Research Paper
  • Research Interests: Indigenous Education, the Numbered Treaties, History and Contexts of Education, Canadian History, School Governance, Community Leadership, Youth Gangs, Teacher Recruitment and Retention, School Effectiveness

Dr Michael Cottrell

(Associate Professor)
  • Teaching: Canadian History, Native Studies, History of Education, Indigenous Education, International and Comparative Education
  • Research Interests: Native-Newcomer Relations, History of Education, Indigenous Education, International and Comparative Education, Irish Diaspora

Dr Vivian Hajnal

(Associate Professor)
  • Teaching: Educational Research, Change, Finance
  • Research Interests: Finance, School System Amalgamation, School Improvement

Dr Margaret Kovach

(Associate Professor / Cross-Appointment with the Department of Educational Foundations → on sabbatical 20130701 – 20140630)
  • Teaching: Indigenous Approaches to Research Design, Indigenous Leadership Studies
  • Research Interests: Indigenous Methodologies, Aboriginal Higher Learning, Distance Education Curriculum Development with an Indigenous Focus

Dr Michelle Prytula

(Assistant Professor / Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, Partnerships, and Research)
  • Teaching: Organizational Theory, Finance, Contexts of Educational Administration
  • Research Interests: Teacher Learning, Action Research, Professional Learning Community, Teacher Induction, School Improvement

Dr Patrick Renihan

(Professor / SELU Director)
  • Teaching: Organizational Behaviour, Instructional Supervision and Staff Development, Administrative Roles
  • Research Interests: The Principalship, Board/CEO Assessment, School Effectiveness

Dr Bonnie Stelmach

(Associate Professor → on leave 20130401 – 20140331)
  • Teaching: Parents and Education, Organizational Behavior, Rural Education, Gender in Educational Administration, and Law and Ethics in Teaching
  • Research Interests: Role of Parents in Education and Schooling, Educational Policy, School Improvement, Aboriginal Parent Perspectives on Education

Dr Keith Walker

  • Teaching: Leadership Ethics, Policy Making, Community Relations
  • Research Interests: Ethics, School Governance, School Improvement


Adjuncts, Affiliates, and Emeriti

  • Dr Ali Abdi, Professor - University of Alberta (Global Citizenship Education)
  • Dr Jack Billinton, Director of Facilities Management - Retired (Administration)
  • Dr Denis Dibski, Professor Emeritus - Department of Educational Administration (Finance)
  • Dr Gerald Fallon, Assistant Professor - University of British Columbia (Educational Policy, Educational Law)
  • Dr J Tim Goddard - University of Prince Edward Island (Educational Leadership, Cultural and Demographic Change in Education)
  • Dr William Gulka, Director of Education, Outlook School Division - Retired (School Effectiveness)
  • Dr Jim Jutras, Director of Saskatoon Public School Division - Retired (Curriculum Leadership)
  • Dr Li Sumin, Dean of Education - Tianjin Normal University (Chinese Education)
  • Dr Warren Noonan, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division - Retired (Human Resources, Administrative Roles)
  • Dr Larry Sackney, Professor Emeritus - Department of Educational Administration (School Effectiveness, School Improvement)
  • Dr Murray Scharf, Professor Emeritus - Department of Educational Administration (Human Resource Management, Research Methods)
  • Dr William Smale, Professor - Trent University (Educational Law)
  • Dr Scott Tunison, Coordinator of Research and Measurement - Saskatoon Public School Division (Data-Based Decision-Making)
  • Dr Kevin Wilson, Professor Emeritus - Department of Educational Administration (Organizational Theory)


  • Dr Marie Battiste, Department of Educational Foundations (Aboriginal Education)
  • Dr Marcel D'Eon, College of Medicine (Community Health & Epidemiology)
  • Dr Ivan Kelly, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education (Statistics)
  • Dr Leonard Proctor, Department of Curriculum Studies (Educational Technology)
  • Dr Edwin Ralph, Department of Curriculum Studies (Teaching Effectiveness)
  • Dr Richard Schwier, Department of Curriculum Studies (Technology and Communications)
  • Dr Angela Ward, Department of Curriculum Studies (Curriculum Issues)

Professional Associates

  • Dr Susan Bens, Gwenna Moss Learning Centre - University of Saskatchewan (Administration of Higher Education)
  • Dr Norm Dray, Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (School Improvement)
  • Mr Michael LeClaire, Saskatoon Public School Division - Retired (Community Engagement)
  • Dr Don Lloyd, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division (Educational Finance)
  • Dr Vicki Squires, Student and Enrolment Services Division - University of Saskatchewan (Organizational Theory, Planning and Assessment)