Dr Bonnie Stelmach

Associate Professor (BEd, MA, PhD) → On Leave 20130401 – 20140331

  • Parents and Education
  • Qualitative Research
  • Gender in Educational Administration
  • Law and Ethics in Teaching

Stelmach Dr Bonnie Stelmach is an Associate Professor. She is a qualitative researcher whose foci include educational policy regarding parent involvement in secondary and post-secondary school contexts, and academic/professorial identity within the contemporary university. Her teaching areas include research methods, educational and administrative law, organizational behavior, rural education and parents’ roles in education. Bonnie is an Alberta native who has taught secondary English and social studies in rural and northern contexts. She has also taught literature, economics, and history at an international school in Thailand.  Prior to joining the academy, she managed an Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) project in a northern Alberta school division.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • EADM 425 - Legal and Institutional Contexts of Education

Graduate Teaching

  • EADM 811 - History and Development of Organizational Theory
  • EADM 821 - Organizational Behavior
  • EADM 830 - Education in Rural and Sparsely Populated Areas
  • EADM 885 - Advanced Research Methods in Educational Administration
  • EADM 892 - Parents and Education
  • ERES 800 - Introduction to Research Methods 
  • ERES 845 - Introduction to Naturalistic Research Methods

Graduate Supervision (Theses and Dissertations Completed)

  • Keidrowski, J. (2011). "Hey! They're trying to learn for free!" An analysis of The Simpsons as a satirical portrayal of neoliberal influence on public education. [MEd] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Dobko, S. (2011). Contextual factors in adolescent schooling: Predictive factors of student engagement. [PhD] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan (co-supervision with Dr Hellsten, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education).
  • Preston, J. (2011). A school council's influence on community involvement in a Saskatchewan community. [PhD] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Shang, H. (2010). Perceptions of faculty members on policies and programs contributing to real learning. [MEd] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • de Gooijer, J. (2010). An investigation into effective supervisory practices in rural schools. [MEd] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Kirk, J. (2009). Leaders of change: Listening to those who lead the Saskatchewan rural school division restructuring initiative. [PhD] Department of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan (co-supervision with Dr Sackney, Professor Emeritus).

Selected Publications

  • Stelmach, B. (2011). Metaphor as insight into parents’ conceptualizations of their role in school improvement. In C. Hands & L. Hubbard (Eds.), Including families in communities in urban education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Stelmach, B. (2011). A survey of international rural education issues and responses.Rural Educator, 32(2), 32-42.
  • Stelmach, B., & von Wolff, S. (2011). A challenge to metrics as evidence of scholarity. European Educational Research Journal, 10(1), 64-83.
  • Stelmach, B., & Renihan, P. (2010). Parents and community, and school: A general overview. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, 114.
  • Stelmach, B., & von Wolff, S. (2010). The construction of parental roles at eight Western Canadian universities. The Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations, 21 (1).
  • Stelmach, B. (2010). Filling in the pieces: Interpreting “parent involvement” at the secondary level.In. K. Anderson (Ed.), The leadership compendium: Emerging scholars of Canadian educational leadership (pp. 215-238). Fredericton, NB: The Atlantic Centre for Educational Administration and Leadership (ACEAL).
  • Brien, K., & Stelmach, B. (2009). Legal and cultural contexts of parent-teacher interactions: School councils in Canada. International Journal About Parents in Education, 3(1), 1-14. 
  • Stelmach, B. (2009). Research or in-search? A non-Aboriginal researcher’s retrospective of a study on Aboriginal parent involvement. First Nations Perspectives, 2(1), 35-56.
  • Stelmach, B. (2008). Five Aboriginal mothers’ views on the role of parents in secondary school improvement. The Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations, 19(2), 1-18.
  • Stelmach, B., & Preston, J. (2008). Cake or curriculum? Principal and parent views on transforming the parental role in Saskatchewan schools. International Studies in Educational Administration, 36(3), 59-74.
  • Stelmach, B. (2007). Engaging parents in education: From policy to practice in rural school contexts. Proceedings of the Twelfth National Congress on Rural Education, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, March 25-27, 11 pp. (Refereed)
  • Stelmach, B. (2007). Parents’ views on their role in school improvement: A northern Canadian secondary school perspective. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI, 41 pp. (Refereed)



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