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ITEP/EADM Master's Cohort

Leadership in Indigenous Education and Organization

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A partnership between the Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP) and the Department of Educational Administration (EADM).

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Leadership in Post-Secondary Education

Leadership in Post-Secondary Education is a new field of specialization offered through the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Saskatchewan. The Certificate and Master's program options provide opportunities for students who would like to develop skills and knowledge specific to leadership in post-secondary (universities, colleges, polytechnics) educational contexts.

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Education in Ireland

An 11-day study abroad initiative designed to introduce students to Irish history, culture, and education systems through experiential place-based learning and a combination of formal and informal relational pedagogies.  Dr Cottrell travels and teaches EADM 892.3 throughout Cork, the Dingle Peninsula, and Dublin from August 1st to the 14th, 2016.

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Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit

SELU is a non-profit Type A center in the Department of Educational Administration that serves as a coordinator, developer, and administrator of leadership development activities for the broader education and human services sectors.

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Educational Administration
and Zombies

Can schools and universities survive the zombie apocalypse? Drs Newton and Burgess return to examine this question in EADM 892.3, offered August 2016.

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