Undergraduate Courses

Within the College of Education, the Department of Educational Administration offers several undergraduate electives and holds responsibility for EDUC 303.3 — Education in Society: Structures and Systems.

At the undergraduate level, courses offered by the Department focus on teacher leadership; teacher professionalism; legal issues that confront teachers, students, parents, and administrators; the operation and management of schools; and the relationships between teachers and students, teachers and parents, teachers and school-based and -board administration, and teachers and other professionals who work in tandum with schools.  All members of the Department teach in the undergraduate program of the College of Education.

Following two years of teaching experience, we encourage teachers to apply to a Graduate Program in the Department of Educational Administration.

The most current schedule of course offerings at the University of Saskatchewan is available on line.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

  • EDUC 303.3 — Education in Society: Structures and Systems
    This course considers the structures and contexts that shape education for learners and teachers. Examining historical and cultural perspectives as a way of understanding current systems, institutional policies, and educational philosophies, governance issues, law, institutional norms, family and community contexts will support the exploration of one’s own philosophies and practices of teaching.
  • EADM 422.3 — Leading Organizations: An Introduction to Leadership Theory and Practice
    Designed to familiarize prospective and practicing professionals with the nature of public, private, and not-for-profit structures and social systems, and to examine the effects of the organization and group interaction patterns on the experiences and life course trajectories or directions of individual professionals.
    Note: Completion of 60 credit units of university level courses prior to registration in this course is recommended.
  • EADM 424.3 — The Diligent Leader
    Designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of leadership concepts by integrating theory, research, philosophy, and practice. Students will discuss: the history and nature of leadership; the tasks, contexts, attributes, and powers associated with leadership; and the related role of professionals and individuals assuming leadership responsibilities.
    Note: Completion of 60 credit units of university level courses prior to registration in this course is recommended.
  • EADM 425.3 — Legal and Institutional Contexts of Education
    Students will integrate the knowledge and experience acquired in earlier coursework and the extended practicum by examining the components of governmental, administrative, legal, ethical and professional aspects of public education in Saskatchewan and Canada.
    Note: Students with legacy credit for EADM 321 may not take this course for credit.
  • EADM 498.3 — Special Topics: History and Administration of Education in China
    Offered occasionally by visiting faculty and in other special situations to cover, in depth, topics that are not thoroughly covered in regularly offered courses.  Most frequently, the Department offers the opportunity to travel to China to study the education system and visit schools during the Easter week. Contact the Department Head for more information.