Participants Comments

2014 Participant Comments

The following comments were selected as representative of participant response to a request as part of SPSC 2014 Evaluation to provide a closing Additional Comment about the program.

  • Fabulous speakers and presenters with few exceptions.
  • Great passion and enthusiasm from all speakers
  • The keynote sessions were excellent and very useful.  I liked that they were organized by vision, school learning environment, and managing, modeling and monitoring.
  • The breakout sessions – choices are wonderful.
  • The small group sessions are invaluable.  I think we learn so much more when we get the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues.
  • The small group sessions were excellent!  Gave an opportunity to reflect on the presentations and experiences of others.  I especially appreciated this as a master’s student and aspiring principal.  I know that the learnings and connections made will help me in both of these areas!
  • I like that it was at the Travelodge.  Easy to park, air conditioned and great food.
  • Plenty of options – helped me with my weaknesses.
  • Plenty of time to speak with other professionals.
  • Banquet was great – entertainment was awesome.
  • The idea of taking on the principalship seemed so big and overwhelming in my head, but this week helped to narrow it down, bring it to FOCUS and made it seem so much more manageable.
  • Everything worked like clockwork; beginning and ending on time.
  • Organized, well planned, provided with all we need.
  • Very relaxed learning environment
  • I found the overall structure of the day very effective (keynote, small group, breakouts).  Banquet and social is an important part that should be maintained.
  • This is “the best” PD I have been to in all my 25 years of teaching!  Even though the days were long and lots of speakers every day, the information given is valuable.
  • The social and entertainment helped break the intensity of the week and continued to foster networking opportunities for those not in the same small groups.
  • Networking time with other participants was valuable.
  • The keynote presentations were excellent.  I found myself thinking, after each session, that I had seen the best guest speaker, until the next one, when I felt the same way.  Every session gave me new, exciting and inspiring information to share.