Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Most of the awards available to students in this program are administered by the College of Education, Department of Curriculum Studies or the College of Graduate Studies and Research. You can search the College of Graduate Studies and Research data base of available awards to find awards for which you might apply.

The CGSR tries to provide comprehensive information on financial support, but you should not assume that the material in their data base is exhaustive. Continue to explore other avenues of funding.

One award is available exclusively to graduate students in Educational Communications and Technology. It is the Douglas/Brown Award in Instructional Technologies, offered through the generosity of Dr. F. Barry Brown. The guidelines of the award follow:

Douglas/Brown Award in Instructional Technologies

Purpose: To encourage student research, development and interest in the use and application of instructional technologies.

Adjudication committee: The Award Committee will initially consist of the Dean, College of Education or designate, the Head of the Department of Curriculum Studies, one faculty member (other than Dr. Barry Brown) from the subunit of Educational Communications and Technology, and a representative appointed by the Educational Communications and Technology subunit of the Department of Curriculum Studies.

Number and Value of Awards: One award annually. Initially the value of the award will be $1,000. After the fund is utilized, the value will be based on the financial resources available but will never be less than $1,000. The award will be made in the fall of the academic year. The first award was made in 1998-99.

Program and Course Designations and Restrictions: Open to graduate students pursuing studies in educational communications and technology as described in guidelines approved from time to time by the Award Committee.

Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on a proposed student project in the area of instructional technologies as described in guidelines approved from time to time by the Award Committee.
Financial Assistance
Information regarding graduate studies financial assistance can be found in the Funding section of the College of Graduate Studies and Research web site.
Job Opportunities

Research and Development Assistantships
Faculty in Educational Communications and Technology have research and development projects underway, and they often hire assistants to help with specific tasks. These are usually specific and short-term arrangements.

Sessional Lectureships
Each year, the College of Education hires a number of experienced teachers to teach sections of undergraduate courses. You can contact the Department Head of Curriculum Studies, Dr Richard Schwier, for more information.

Contracts and Consulting
The faculty in Educational Communications and Technology often receive requests from the field for instructional and design projects. These may include such things as offering workshops, designing training events, or producing a web site for an organization. Check with your faculty advisor about opportunities that may be appropriate for you.

Students can also look for employment posting at the U of S Student Employment & Career Centre (SECC). The SECC also offers dates for upcoming career fairs, hints for resume writing and interview skills, and career counselling.