Egan J Chernoff

    Dr. Egan J Chernoff

    Associate Professor (Editor, Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education) and Associate Editor, Statistics Education Research Journal

    Research areas

    mathematics education; probability; heuristics; biases; fallacies; popularization; social media; the math wars


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    The Mathematics Enthusiast
    Special Issue: Risk – Mathematical or Otherwise
    Guest Edited by Egan J Chernoff
    Vol.12, Nos. 1, 2, & 3 (June 2015)
    pp. 1-479
    Print Issue Available At: Information Age Publishing
    ISSN 1551-3440

    Selected Writings from the Journal of the Mathematics Council of the Albera Teachers' Association
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    Book Cover

    Book Cover

    Advances in Mathematics Education
    Egan J. Chernoff · Bharath Sriraman Editors

    Probabilistic Thinking
    Presenting Plural Perspectives

    This volume provides a necessary, current and extensive analysis of probabilistic thinking from a number of mathematicians, mathematics educators, and psychologists. The work of 58 contributing authors, investigating probabilistic thinking across the globe, is encapsulated in 6 prefaces, 29 chapters and 6 commentaries. Ultimately, the four main perspectives presented in this volume (Mathematics and Philosophy, Psychology, Stochastics and Mathematics Education) are designed to represent probabilistic thinking in a greater context.

    ISBN 978-94-007-7154-3