Faculty Research Interests

In Alphabetical Order
Geraldine BalzerDr. Geraldine BalzerAssistant Professorteacher education; secondary school English language arts; Aboriginal education; decolonization; transformative education; curriculum; and service learning
Mary Jeanne (M.J.)  BarrettDr. Mary Jeanne (M.J.)  BarrettAssistant ProfessorHuman-nature relations; multiple ways of knowing (epistemology) in environmental decision-making; intersections among intuition, animism and indigenous knowledges; outdoor and experiential education; ecological identity/subjectivity; qualitative and decolonizing methodologies; and energetic medicine and healing practices
Bev BrennaDr. Bev BrennaAssistant Professorliteracy education (reading and writing focus); children’s literature; special education
Barry BrownDr. Barry BrownEmeritus Professor telecommunications and distance learning both locally and globally
Egan ChernoffDr. Egan ChernoffAssistant Professorclassical, frequentist, and subjective interpretations of probability; coin flips; sample space; equiprobability; perceived randomness; heuristic and biases; relativism; and coin flip sequence multivalence
Brenda KalynDr. Brenda KalynAssistant Professorinvestigating the lived experiences of teachers and students in learning places and the impact of experience on curriculum, pedagogy, and practice. Interest focus – holism, physical education, culture and dance
Kayla LarsonKayla LarsonDepartment Secretary
Tim MolnarDr. Tim MolnarAssistant ProfessorEthics and responsibility; meaningful learning in science education; nature of science, philosophies of place and nature; and teacher education
Dirk MorrisonDr. Dirk MorrisonAssociate Professorinstructional design practice applied to distance and e-learning; educational technology in higher education, non-formal and informal online learning environments; and effects of ICT on culture and society
Jeff ParkDr. Jeff ParkAssociate Professorliteracy issues; critical literacy; writing and composition theory; creativity; gender; arts-based research methodologies; poetic inquiry; narrative; English Language Arts; and curriculum theory and history
Len ProctorDr. Len ProctorProfessorintegrating technology into instruction; and information literacy
Debbie PushorDr. Debbie PushorAssociate Professorparent knowledge; parent engagement; a “curriculum of parents” in teacher education; and narrative inquiry
Edwin RalphDr. Edwin RalphProfessormentorship and supervision in teacher education; and mentorship in education across all the professional disciplines
Richard SchwierDr. Richard SchwierProfessor, Department Headthe role of educational technology in education and society; instructional design and change agency; visual design; technology-supported learning environments; and virtual learning communities
Hyunjung ShinDr. Hyunjung ShinAssistant Professorglobalization, political economy and language education; language, culture, and identity; transnationalism and migration; language and social inequality in education; critical pedagogy; language policy in multilingual settings; and ethnography
Linda Wason-EllamDr. Linda Wason-EllamProfessorearly and struggling readers including English as an Additional Language (EAL) and children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD); children’s literature; teaching reading and writing in multilingual classrooms; and ethnographic research methods
Jay WilsonDr. Jay WilsonAssistant Professor - ECUR & ETAD Graduate Coordinatortechnology skill development for educators; technological and media literacy; social agency in teaching and learning; and authentic learning as it applies to design and teaching