Integrated Master of Education

Program Information

The Integrated MEd program is designed to allow you to integrate courses in Aboriginal/Anti-racist Education, Adult and Lifelong Learning, and Foundations of Education (Anthropology, History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Education) with courses inside and outside the department to form a program of study. Across these areas, it is possible to focus on social and ecological justice.

  • EFDT 870 (Interdisciplinary Seminar),
  • A research methodology course (ERES 800, ERES 810, EIND 855 or another approved course),
  • EFDT 990 seminar (non-credit, approx 39 hours),
  • GSR 960, Introduction to Ethics (non-credit, on-line, approx 3 hours),
  • A specified number of electives.

Thesis route: EFDT 994 (thesis) Registration required each term.

For course descriptions, please see the University Course Calendar and use the search form to find courses, descriptions, and other special notes.

Electives may be taken from other Education departments, or, where applicable and permissible, other colleges, or universities.

Program of Study
An individual Program of Study will be set up in consultation with the Graduate Chair or Supervisor.

Complete listing of MEd theses and projects completed in the department.

Integrated Master's - Cohorts

The Department of Educational Foundations now offers its Integrated Master of Education through: