Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests
Dianne Miller

Dianne Miller
Department Head
Grad Chair

Office ED 3306
Phone (306) 966-7724
  • History of women and education; feminist theory;
  • Teacher history; educational biography;
  • Life history; poetry
Marie Battiste

Marie Battiste

Office ED 3082
Phone (306) 966-7576

  • Nourishing the learning Spirit in Aboriginal lifelong learning; Antiracism and Violence prevention;
  • Decolonizing Aboriginal and university education;
  • Renewal and reconstruction of Aboriginal peoples' language and culture;
  • Protection of Aboriginal knowledge, heritage and culture;
  • Research and ethics involving Indigenous Peoples;
  • Research on the retention and access of university for Aboriginal graduate students;
  • Ethnographic and historical studies of Indigenous education.
Caraig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Office ED 3071
Phone (306) 966-6694
  • Adult education, non-formal and in-formal learning;
  • Folk schools, popular education, community development, university extension;
  • The Tribal college movement, Indigenous knowledge systems, traditional and local knowledges, cross-cultural studies;
  • Place- and community-based education, international adult education, and distance education.
Margaret Kovach

Margaret Kovach

Office ED 3083
Phone (306) 966-7515

  • Adult education; Indigenous research methodologies; Indigenous curriculum development;
  • Indigenous higher learning & leadership;
  • Distance education;
  • Educational policy and practice;
Lynn Lemisko

Lynn Lemisko

Office ED 3361
Phone (306) 966-7581

  •  History of Education & the History of Ideas;
  • Teacher Education;
  • Global & Citizenship Education
  • Critical multiculturalism
  • Educating for Social & Ecological Justice
Marcia McKenzie

Marcia McKenzie

Office ED 3090
Phone (306) 966-7551

  • Place, environment, and sustainability; Social justice, globalization, & critical issues;
  • Educational policy and practice; Youth culture and activism; Social and cultural theory;
  • Participatory forms of education and research;
  • Methodologies and politics of research;
  • Media and technology
Janet McVittie

Janet McVittie

Office ED 3025
Phone (306) 966-7582

  • place based / sustainability education;
  • social justice and critical issues
  • inquiry and assessment for learning;
  • creating of learning communities
Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy

Office ED 3019
Phone (306) 966-7586

  • Interwoven identities and lives of children/youth, families, and teachers.
  • Familial curriculum making
  • Narrative Inquiry
  • Life writing
  • Foundations of curriculum
  • Narrative Inquiry as pedagogy
Paul Orlowski

Paul Orlowski

Office ED 3033
Phone (306) 966-6907

  • Sociology of Education
  • Social Studies Education; Critical Pedagogy; Pedagogy & Progressive Christianity
  • Anti-racist pedagogy
  • Teaching for Democracy; Teaching for Class Consciousness; Critical Media Literacy
Robert Regnier

Robert Regnier
(On Leave from Department)

Office ED 3081
Phone (306) 966-7520
  • Learning as Valuing: A critical process approach;
  • Ecological education;
  • Teaching and learning at university;
  • Philosophy of education;
  • Process Philosophy;
  • Gentle teaching;
  • Indigenous education
Verna St. Denis

Verna St. Denis

Office ED 3083
Phone (306) 966-2734

  • Critical Anthropology; Anti-colonial, Critical Race, and poststructuralist, theory;
  • Anti-racist/anti-oppressive teacher education; Work life of Indigenous teachers;
  • Critical multiculturalism; feminist theory; Cross-cultural research methods
Alexandria Wilson

Alexandria Wilson

Office ED 3085
Phone (306) 966-7679

  • Indigenous knowledge;
  • Cross-Cultural research methodologies; Gay, lesbian and two-spirit narratives; Aboriginal
  • Health and well being;
  • Violence prevention;
  • Criminal and civil justice system response to domestic violence;
  • Community-based research; Faculty advisor for STARS (Student Teachers Against Anti-Racism).
Karla Jessen Williamson

Karla Jessen Williamson

Office ED 3100
Phone (306) 966-5262

  • Discourses on epistemologies;
  • Cross-culturality; Multi-culturalism; Inuit World views; Gender relations; Resilience and Aboriginal peoples; Aboriginal higher learning; Arctic peoples and governance
Howard Woodhouse

Howard Woodhouse

Office ED 3089
Phone (306) 966-7522

  • Academic freedom and university autonomy;
  • Process Philosophy;
  • Global and international education;
  • Teaching and learning in higher education;
  • History and Philosophy of education;
  • The teacher scholar