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1950 - 1969

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
1969 Castleden Donald H. EDACE PGD    
1969 Clark Herbert R. EDACE PGD    
1969 Colley Annie EDACE PGD    
1969 Collins Michael EDACE M. C. Ed.
- Thesis
The Mechanics Institutes of the U.K. R. A. Carlson
1969 Dunn Marie E. EDACE M. C. Ed.
- Thesis
The Effect of an Unstructured Group Experience on the Attitudes and Value Orientations of Young People  
1969 Glazer Laura E EDACE PGD    
1969 Gropper Zora E. EDACE PGD    
1969 Leckie Gordon W. EDACE M. C. Ed.
- Thesis
An Identification of Factors Related to the Development and Progress of Interdisciplinary Research  
1969 Rose Gladys R. EDACE PGD    
1969 Turnbull Olaf A. EDACE M. C. Ed.
- Thesis
The Relationship between Training and Job Perception and Performance D. Sydiaha
1969 Walker Ernest W. EDACE PGD    
1968 Bruneau William A EDFDT M. Ed.
- Thesis
Aspects of Renaissance Humanism in the Academic Training and Early Writings of John Colet  
1968 Cheshire Charles A. EDACE PGD    
1968 Douglas Hubert M. EDACE PGD    
1968 Grogin Esther R. EDACE M. C. Ed.
- Thesis
A Comparative Study of the Effect of Group-Centered and Leader-Centered Methods on the Personal Growth of Freshman Nursing Students D. Sydiaha
1968 Leckie Gordon W. EDACE M. Ed.
- Thesis
1968 Meadows Donald J. EDACE PGD    
1968 Poelzer Irene A. EDFDT M. Ed.
- Thesis
Henry Carr C.S.B., 1880-1963 Canadian Educator G. J. Langley
1968 Shuttle Gordon F. EDACE M. Ed.
- Thesis
A Study of the Perceptions which Differentiate Farm Boys who are Planning to Farm from Farm Boys who are Planning Non-Farm Occupations H. W. Savage
H. W. Savage
H. W. S
1968 Toupin Joseph G. EDACE PGD    
1968 Toupin Gilles J. EDACE PGD    
1967 Beveridge Angelina P EDACE PGD    
1967 Crew Neville D. EDACE PGD    
1967 Dizon Angelina P. EDACE PGD    
1967 Hlushko William EDACE PGD    
1967 Kippen Margaret R. L. EDACE M. Ed.
- Thesis
University Librarians' Attitudes Toward Librarianship P. Hamel
1967 Paterson Jack E EDACE PGD    
1967 Poilievre Marlene EDACE PGD    
1966 Fehr Jacob A. EDACE PGD    
1966 Nand Ramesha EDACE PGD    
1950 Harper Violet B. EDACE M. Ed.
- Thesis
A Study of Adult Education in Saskatchewan With Reference to the Canadian Scene M. P. Toombs