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1970 - 1974

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
1974 Dafoe Isla J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Counsellor Perceptions of the Role of the Indian Affairs Education Counsellor in Saskatchewan H. D. Peters
1974 Green Vicki Ann INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Indian in the Western Comic Book: A Content Analysis  
1974 Halliwell Clive EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Informal Educational Opportunities for the Adult Working Class During the Industrial Revolution in England Keith Sutherland
1974 Henderson Orval R. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Factors Influencing the Activity Level of Executive Members in District 4-H Councils in Manitoba Glen Farrell
1974 Hlushko Peter EDACE PGD    
1974 Hurd Dorothy M. EDACE PGD    
1974 Husseini Abdul Q. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Factors Influencing Agreement about Objectives, Functions and Activities of Agricultural Extension Committees in Saskatchewan  
1974 Laochan Sunantha EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Relation of Teacher-Student Interaction and Classroom Learning Climate to Student Motivations in Second Language Learning Jane A. Abramson
1974 Loewen Rennetta M EDACE PGD    
1974 McCluskey Doreen E INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Cross-Cultural Study of Values in Primers  
1974 Millar Barbara J EDACE PGD    
1974 Ramrattan Arnold B EDACE M. Ed. - Non - Thesis    
1974 Redl Donald J EDACE PGD    
1974 Tone Richard E. EDACE PGD    
1974 Wiens Keneth W. EDACE PGD    
1973 Berg Eleanor D. EDACE PGD    
1973 Delaney Gary P. EDACE PGD    
1973 Dolan James A. EDACE M. Ed. Thesis Sean O'Casey: An Adult Educator Bob Carlson
1973 Doyle Sharron M. EDACE PGD    
1973 Gavel Dale E. EDACE PGD    
1973 Hancock Eleanor D. EDACE PGD    
1973 Leblanc Derrol M INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Cross-Cultural Interpretations of the Concept of Teacher  
1973 Marshall Joan I EDACE PGD    
1973 Middleton Joan I EDACE PGD    
1973 Middleton Robert E EDACE PGD    
1973 Plianpadung Yongyudh EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Early Academic and Social Adjustment of Graduate Students From Asian Countries at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Jane A. Abramson
1973 Rieve Sharron M EDACE PGD    
1973 Schepens David L. EDACE PGD    
1973 Soonias Rodney E. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Critical Analysis of Educational Research Conducted by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians A. Blue
1973 Spencer Marilyn J. EDACE PGD    
1973 Whitmore Robert G. EDACE PGD    
1972 Belloc Carol A. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Steps Toward Autonomy: An Exploratory Study of Single Parent Women at a Technical Institute J. Abramson
1972 Charron Leonard INEP PGD    
1972 Coquet Pierre G. EDACE PGD    
1972 Coquet Maurice P. EDACE PGD    
1972 Cory Doris E EDACE PGD    
1972 Drew Dwain E. EDACE PGD    
1972 Dyck Stella M. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Effect of an Evaluation Procedure on a Student Nurse's Self Perceptions R. Brack
1972 Filson Glen C. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis    
1972 Franck Glenn A. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Ethical Concepts in the Writings of Albert Camus Relative to Schools Doris Duke
1972 Kirkland Kenneth J. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Effects of a Farm Management Course on Farmers' Attitudes Toward Farming R. E. Brack
1972 Koenig Delores M INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Factors related to Teacher Mobility in Schools of the Northwest Territories and Arctic Quebec, 1971-72 (Thesis) P. Andre Renaud
1972 McGinnis Paul S EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Murray Thomson: Prophetic Reforder in "The Land of Smiles" Bob Carlson
1972 Naugler Myrtle V EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis An Identification of the Concerns and Problems of Students in an Adult Basic Education Program J. R. Gordon
1972 Opeke Raphael D. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Perceptions of the Agricultural Extension Representative's Role in Saskatchewan W. B. Whale
1972 Popyuk John EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Jacques Ellul's Theory of Technique: Educational Implications G. Langley
1972 Ratanasethakul Vilavan EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis A Strategy for Changing The Educational Opportunity Structure for Women in Thailand J. A. Abramson
1972 Regnier Robert H EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Education From a Heideggerian Perspective of Language D. Dyke
1972 Sternig Jane EDACE PGD    
1972 Wasylow Walter J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis History of Battleford Industrial School for Indians Fr. Andre Renaud
1972 Wiens Irene M. EDACE PGD    
1972 Wouters Garry A. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Colonized Being Howard Adams
1971 Barber Donna Mae EDACE PGD    
1971 Bishop Edward W. EDACE PGD    
1971 Butler Raymond S. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Factors Associated with Participation in Continuing Education in a Group of Alberta Veterinarians G. Farrell
1971 Button Edgar C. EDACE PGD    
1971 Dyck Ernie G. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Our Schools and the Religion of Technique  
1971 Fulton Frederick E. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Agricultureal Extension Courses as a Step in Adoption of New Ideas W. B. Whale
1971 Fulton Norma J. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis A Study to Determine the Continuing Education Needs of the Active Graduate Nurses in Saskatoon J. A. Abramson
1971 Gray Roger T. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Study on the Effectiveness of Local Committees of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool R. Brack
1971 Hammersmith Jerome A. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Indian in Saskatchewan Elementary School Social Studies Textbooks: A Content Analysis  
1971 Hobbs Helen R. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Study of the Attitudes of Public Health Nurses Toward the Placement of a Faculty Member in the Agency with Students During Field Practice; and the Implications of this for Continuing Education of Agency Staff and Faculty Members. Jan Abramson
1971 Kowalchuk Mervin P INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test of Perceptual Disorders and the Academic Achievement of Indian and Metis Students in Northern Saskatchewan Andre Renaud
1971 McDonough Kenneth F EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Educational Significance of Catholic Schools Doris J. Dyke
1971 Mollo Joseph K EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Profit v. Co-operation: The Struggle of the Western Co-operative College  
1971 Pipke Linda Jean EDACE PGD    
1971 Ruemper Frederick E. EDACE M.  C. Ed - Thesis YMCA War Services in Hong Kong: The Adult Education Work of YMCA Supervisor George Porteous R. Carlson
1971 Sandhu Manmohan S. EDACE PGD    
1971 Sawatzky Erna EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis A Study of Saulteaux Culture with Emphasis on Language and its Implications for Schooling in English Dr. Linvill Watson
1971 St. Amand David J. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Inervention Techniques and Methods in a Transition Centre for Adult Basic Education in Rural Manitoba  
1970 Byam Jean I EDACE PGD    
1970 Chan Ching Y. EDACE PGD    
1970 Chiasson Joseph T. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Residential Adult Education and the Condition of Participation in Learning--An Exploration H. R. Baker
1970 Farkas Gerald A. EDACE PGD    
1970 Handley John L. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Teacher Perception of Education Program Suitability in Northern Saskatchewan Andre Renaud
1970 Jinendradasa Amugoda K. EDACE PGD    
1970 Maultsaid John W EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Perception of Role and Continuing Education Needs of Parish Ministers of the Anglican, Lutheran, and United Churches in Saskatoon H. R. Baker
1970 McCleary Charles H. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Descriptive Analysis and Assessment of an Intercultural Camping Experience R. E. Brack
1970 Simpkins John C. EDACE PGD    
1970 Wagner Roy M. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Development and Pilot Evaluation of an Instrument Designed to Teach Differential Diagnosis B. Whale