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1975 - 1979

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Dip Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
1979 Dorotich Elizabeth A. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Educational Travel and the Process of Transculturation: Perspectives and Directions Werner Stephan
1979 Dyck Anne EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Problem of Exclusion of Women in Education in Selected Passages from Buber Irene Poelzer
1979 Ferguson Linda M. EDACE PGD    
1979 Hegel Alice F. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis   G. Moss
1979 Hill Mary L. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis An Examination of the Mature Reentry Student Population in One and Two-Year Programs at Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Institutes Reg Wickett
1979 Hurly William P. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Mass Media and Community Development: A Case Study of the Newspaper Natowin, Beauval Saskatchewan Earl Misanchuk
1979 Johns Robert E. INEP PGD    
1979 Norton Kay A EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Career Goals of Working Women: A Comparison of Two Age Groups of Clerical Workers Gwenna Moss
1979 Phenix Constance L EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis Development of a Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Part-time Instructors in the Saskatchewan Community Colleges Bob Carlson
1979 Prebble Peter W EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis   Bob Carlson
1979 Rivet Denis J EDACE PGD    
1979 Steer Sheilagh L. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Beliefs of Violet McNaughton: Adult Educator 1909-1929 Bob Carlson
1979 Umpherville Daniel R. INEP PGD    
1979 Wawryk Leonard W. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Classical Concept of Leisure Compared to the Concept Held by Grade XII Students in Saskatoon  
1979 Yeske Maureen J. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis Continuing Education and University of Saskatchewan Alumni Gwenna Moss
1978 Dooner Terrance J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Seekaskootch, Day Labour, School Construction Project  
1978 Kirkland Leonard C. EDACE PGD    
1978 Kischuk Marie O. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Identification of the Training Needs of Approved Home Operators Through Job Analysis  
1978 Kishchuk Marie O. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis    
1978 Marzen Angela A. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Paulo Freire's Approach to Education and its Applicability to Adult Regligious Education in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas Irene Poelzer
1978 McCreary Gillian P EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Greenhouse 1970-1977 a Socio-Historical Analysis of an Alternative School Irene Poelzer
1978 Sorgen Lois EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes of Sixteen Baccalaureate Nursing Students Following an Educational Experience at an Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Robert Carlson
1978 Tamas Andras A. EDACE Thesis M. C. Ed. - Thesis Need Identification and Proctor Selection for Distance Education on Isolated Reserves Roy Wagner
1978 Tolley Charles H. INEP PGD    
1978 Turner Mavis G. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Career Planning Workshops for Women: Assessment of Critical Factors Related to Outcomes Pat Adams
1978 Webb John K. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Factors Affecting Participation in Continuing Education Among a Group of Registered Professional Engineers in Saskatchewan L. Richards
1978 Yakimoski Lawrence R. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis A Form-Critical Approach to the Study of the Old Testament at the High School Level  
1977 Acton Jean EDACE PGD    
1977 Brady Donna L. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Factors Affecting the Self-Esteem of Female Single-Parents Dependent on Government Social Assistance Harold Baker
1977 Buhler Louise EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis   R. A. Carlson
1977 Carlisle Robert A. EDACE PGD    
1977 Dubois Gustave V. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis An Investigation of the Relationship of the Resignation of Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns to Personal Values and Other Selected Factors Carlos Frewin
1977 Goldade Larry S. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Saskatchewan Separate Schools: A Struggle for Equality John Lyons
1977 Johnson Ian D. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Developing a Self-Diagnostic Guide to Aid in Designing An Educational Program For a Community Clinic Board Harold Baker
1977 Lavers Donald W EDACE PGD    
1977 MacDonald Mary B EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Needs Identification: Perceived Needs Versus Audit Identified Needs Earl Misanchuk
1977 McFaull Daniel M EDACE PGD    
1977 McKee Bruce W EDACE PGD    
1977 Mollard Wilma M. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis An Investigation of Territorial Behavior Among Representatives of Adult Education Agencies W. B. Whale
1977 Northey Donald R INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Effects on Indian Students Who Participated in Wechihtowin - A Social Simulation Game Based on the Operation of a Federated Co-operative Audie Dyer
1977 Nosterud Rolf C. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Freirian Pedagogical Approach to Religious Education Irene Poelzer
1977 Penrod James E EDACE PGD    
1977 Perry Marcella J INEP PGD    
1977 Probert Bruce F EDFDT PGD    
1977 Shipley Kenneth G. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Prediction of Readership of a Workbook for Farmers in Four Saskatchewan Municipalities R. E. Brack
1977 Small Steven V. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Effectiveness of Radius, A Reality Therapy Tutoring Project in Saskatoon, at Meeting the Needs of Students Alienated from the Regular School System G. J. Langley
1977 Williams Vinston A. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis The Life and Influence of Marcus Garvey on the Education of the Black People R. Carlson
1976 Brown Lorne R. EDACE PGD    
1976 Goller Albert E. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Study of the Attitudes of Slavey Indian Parents' Towards Education' in Hay River Aldrich Dyer
1976 Hass Glenden W. EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis First Year 4-H Leaders in Saskatchewan: Recruitment Retention and Training J. Abramson
1976 Henderson Graham B. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-Thesis   B. Brown
1976 Knox Robert A EDACE PGD    
1976 Kojder Apolonia M EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Saskatoon Women Teachers' Association G. Langley
1976 Kopas Ramon L EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Free School of Saskatoon and Its Failure Irene Poelzer
1976 Kutz Kenneth EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Views of Music Educators and Musicians on School Music in Saskatchewan G. J. Langley
1976 McLeod Ida INEP PGD    
1976 Owen Maybelle M. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Factors Affecting Initial Participation in Saskatoon Prenatal Education Programs J. A. Abramson
1976 Pettigrew Beverley Ann EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Intrusion or Innovation? Volunteers Attempting Social Change in an Educational System R. A. Carlson
1976 Thorpe Murdine E. EDACE PGD    
1976 Tompson Conal EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis A History of the Educational and Professional Development of Physiotherapy in Saskatchewan John Lyons
1976 Wold Ralph A. EDACE PGD    
1975 Green Richard M. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Cross-Cultural Simulation for Attitude Change Arthur Blue
1975 Hoehn Ingrid G. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis The Effectiveness of the Adult Education Program "About Your Sexuality" Marvin Balabuck
1975 Irwin Dorothy A. EDACE PGD    
1975 Keys Wayne E. EDACE PGD    
1975 King Cecil INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Comparative Study of Animistic Thought of Ojibway Children on Wikwemikong Reserve, Manitoulin Island  
1975 Littlejohn Catherine I INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Indian Oral Tradition: A Model for Teachers  
1975 Neufeld Eldon H EDACE PGD    
1975 Norum Eldon R EDACE PGD    
1975 Proctor Leonard F EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Transfer of Learning in Teaching of Differential Diagnostic Pathology W. B. Whale
1975 Sundmark Carol E. EDACE PGD    
1975 Willis George A. EDACE PGD    
1975 York Terrance D. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Factors Associated ith Powerlessness for a Group of Participants in Community Development Seminars G. Moss