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1990 - 1994

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
1994 Ashton Carrie EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Gender Equity in Teacher Education: Feminist Perspectives Dianne Hallman
1994 Baptiste Doreen June INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Native Students and the University of Saskatchewan: A Study on Retention Regnier/Flynn
1994 Bazylewski Susan Margaret EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Postpartum Parent Support Program Evaluation Project Adrian Blunt
1994 Benson Sharon Elizabeth EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis New Perspectives on Patient Education: A Handbook for Practitioners Dianne Miller
1994 Bjarnason Svava EDFDT PGD    
1994 Close Deborah EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Clinical Advancement Systems: A Process for Promoting Nursing Development Michael Collins
1994 Fiddler Charles INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Waterhen Lake Reserve: An Ethno-History from 1921-1993 John Lyons
1994 Finucan Kerry Leo EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Canadian Adult Education's Advocacy of National Economic Competitiveness: A Compromising Position? Stephan/Wickett
1994 Fu Li Ping EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Female Graduates' Perceptions of Difficulties in Their Program in the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan Werner Stephan
1994 Robertson Eloise Lynne EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Early Childhood Education in Saskatchewan: Can it be Emancipatory? Werner Stephan
1994 Smith Gary Wayne EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis The Creation, Development and Efficacy of Synergy: Using Alternative Media in Adult Education Adrian Blunt
1994 Xiaoming Li EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Teaching Chinese as a Heritage Language: Parents' Perceptions and Expectations Werner Stephan
1994 Xu Guitong EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Teacher Education in China and Canada: A Comparative Study Werner Stephan
1993 Brown Rosemary C. EDFDT PGD    
1993 Crozier Anne EDFDT PGD    
1993 Harris Donald EDFDT M. Ed. - Non - thesis Aboriginal Literacy and Empowerment: A Critique of the Report of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs of the House of Commons, 1990 Howard Woodhouse
1993 Pepper Elizabeth F. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Case Study of Citizen Participation: The Involvement of Adult Educators with Provincial Government in Developing a Community College System for Saskatchewan J. Abramson
1993 Smith Karen EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Role of Cultural Reflection in the Content of Canadian Television Entertainment Barry Brown
1993 Taylor Taylor EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Factors Affecting Nurses Entry Into Continuing Education and Nursing Degree Programs Don Saklofske, Ed Scissons
1993 Yang Baiyin EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Determinants of Participation in Continuing Professional Education Adrian Blunt
1992 Dent Theresa B. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Model For Assessing Human Performance Systems: An Application in Vocational Training Adrian Blunt
1992 Dogniez Cort M. INEP PGD    
1992 Fergusson Dennis J. EDACE PGD    
1992 Finnimore Terrance R. EDFDT PGD    
1992 Gerow Robert M. INEP M. Ed. - Non-thesis Egerton Ryerson: The Impetus for His Ideas John Lyons
1992 Hall Audrey C. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Mandated Collaboration and Social Paradigms in Selected Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Organizations R. M. Wagner
1992 Hope Susan V. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1992 Lane Wendy L EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1992 MacAulay James K EDACE PGD    
1992 Omani Leo J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Developing a Process for Conducting Educational Research With The Dakota People of Wahpeton Mark Flynn
1992 Pewapisconias Audry INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Kitaskinaw School: A Case Study Cecil King
1992 Ritchie Sandra L. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Using Social Literary Criticism to Enhance Adult Education Research and Practice: A Guidebook and Accompanying Workshop Outline Michael Collins
1992 Sanderson Joan L. EDACE M. C. Ed - Non-thesis Aboriginal Pedagogy: An Adult Education Paradigm Reg Wickett
1992 Whiteside Joan E. EDACE M. C. Ed - Non-thesis    
1992 Williamson Karla J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Cultural Ecological Perspectives of Canadian Inuit: Implications for Child-Rearing and Education Del Koenig
1992 Zubot Myra EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1991 Bonny Sheila I. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis Perceived Determinants of Fitness Behaviour Len Proctor
1991 Chen Shelly EDACE PGD    
1991 Fast John R. EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Baptist General Conference Church Development: An analysis of its Contributions Robert Regnier
1991 Fischer Colette R. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1991 Hilligweg Ute-Regina K. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Perceptorship: Criterion Based Selection Rick Schwier
1991 Manderscheid Duane L. INEP PGD    
1991 O'Gorman Edward J. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Prayer: A Radical Response to Adult Education and the Search for Meaning Reg Wickett
1991 Poncelet Guy M EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1991 Rogstad Lewis S. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis A Communicative Orientation to Canadian Culture for Employees of Japanese Companies Adrian Blunt
1991 Schick Carol A. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Teaching Ourselves to Read: Theory and Practice of Women's Interpretation of Texts Irene Poelzer
1991 Slavin Kathleen EDACE M. C. Ed - Thesis Volunteer Participation in a Community Program: A Case Study Karen Richardson
1991 Slavin Kathleen L. EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Volunteer Participation in a Community Program: A Case Study  
1991 Theis Leona J. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Connected Pictures: Women's Lives in Organizations Brock Whale
1991 Wang Congfang EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Chinese Universities and the Rise of Commercialism: Historical and Contemporary Developments Werner Stephan
1991 Waskewitch Shirley V. INEp M. Ed. - Thesis Reversals in Reading Among Native Students From Onion Lake, Saskatchewan-Alberta Del Koenig
1990 Butschler Monica M. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis 3 Volumes - Changing Scenes: Ethnographic Explorations of Meaning, Adult Learning, and Community Theatre John Thompson, Michael Collins
1990 Danyliw Darlene E. EDACE PGD    
1990 Darichuk Marie E. EDACE PGD    
1990 Dilella Anne-Marie EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Liberating Community Education and Social Change: The Regina Native Women's Group (1971-1986)  
1990 Gordon Elizabeth A. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Stress in the Farm Family: Implications for Adult Education  
1990 Graham Rodger L. EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis The Video Production Seminar: Description and analysis of an Interactive Computer Program Designed to Supplement Competency Based Education at SIAST, Woodland Campus Rick Schwier
1990 Hart Freeda INEP PGD    
1990 Joyes George B. EDACE PGD    
1990 Lone Stephanie M. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1990 Matthew Maureen J EDACE M. C. Ed. - Project The Beliefs of Saskatchewan Museum Educators About Adult Museum Visitors as Learners Reg Wickett, Michael Collins
1990 Merkosky Janet L EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1990 Nickel-St. Onge Patricia A EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1990 Opseth Grace I EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis A Comparison of the Perceptions of Principals, Classroom Teachers, and Teacher-Librarians of the Role of the Teacher-Librarian: A Survey of Selected Saskatchewan Schools  
1990 Placatka Cynthia L EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Effects of Traditional Class and Self Instructional Prenatal Nutrition Education in the Saskatoon Community Health Unit Richard Schwier
1990 Quintal-Finell Jerline E. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Northern Saskatchewan Students' Readings and Storytelling of Culturally Relevant and Culturally Non-Relevant Stories  
1990 Ross Rita M. INEP PGD    
1990 Van der Loos George W. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis    
1990 Yuen Roger W. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis The Saskatoon Community Training Residence: Residents' Perspectives of a Unique Adult Education Program Adrian Blunt