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1995 - 1999

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
1999 Duncan Helen Elizabeth EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Learning Needs Assessment for the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce L. Brown, Reg Wickett
1999 Knight Diane Nellie INEP M. Ed. - Non-thesis The Seven Fires: The Lifelong Process of Growth and Learning as Explained by Saulteaux Elder Danny Musqua Mark Flynn
1999 Miller Muriel Ann EDACE PGD    
1999 Pederson Sandra Gayle EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Departure, Exploration and Return: Exile as Narration of Liberation and Transformation Regnier
1999 Peters Kathryn EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis The Public Service and Incest: A Mother's Ordeal Dianne Hallman
1999 Robinson Randy Melvin EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Adult Learners and Job Insecurity Adrian Blunt, Department EDCUR
1999 Ward Janet Kay EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Feminist Pedagogy in Techno-Space: Experiences with Compressed Videoconferencing Dianne Hallman
1998 Chamberlin Robert Bruce EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Learning Aboriginal Health Promotion: Six Life Stories Marie Battiste
1998 Frankel Naomi EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Learning for Life: Editing the text, writing the course. Michael Collins
1998 Fretz Judith Ann EDACE M. Ed. - Thesis Educators through the looking glass: Stories of intercultural sojourns Dianne Hallman
1998 Gardippi Deanna Marie INEP M. Ed. - Non-thesis Surviving Racism: A Three Generational Study of First Nations Women Marie Battiste
1998 Holtslander Catherine Joy EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Anie Hollis, 1871-1941: Saskatchewan Organic Intellectual Dianne Hallman
1998 Martell Gordon Arthur INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Case Study of the Ethical Dilemmas Experienced by Three Aboriginal Educators Marie Battiste
1998 Relland Michael INEP M. Ed. - Thesis The Teachings of the Bear Clan: As Told by Saulteaux Elder Danny Musqua Mark Flynn
1997 Bighead Mary Emily INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Mother As Teacher: A Cree First Nations Mother Teaching Through Stories: NI Kaway Okiskinohamawin Wason-Ellam/Battiste
1997 Blesse Di Ann Sue INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Northern Canadian Aboriginal Teachers' Perceptions of Classroom Learning Environments Marie Battiste
1997 Crosswell Grant Edward EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Skills of Critical Thinking in Adult Religious Education Reg Wickett
1997 Cujec Bibiana EDACE M. C. Ed. -Non-thesis Comparing Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales to Global Rating Scales in the Evaluation of Medical Students Michael Collins
1997 Fidyk Sandra Loreen EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Experience and Learning in the Educational Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead: A Teacher's Perspective Howard Woodhouse
1997 Field (nee Storey) Sandra Bernice EDACE PGD    
1997 Freitag Mary Louise EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Improving Christian Social Ministry Directives Concerning Our Inner-City Street Cultures: A Theological, Cultural and Adult Education Critique with Accompanying Workshop Outline Reg Wickett
1997 Hodgson-Smith Kathy Lee EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Seeking Good and Right Relations: Student Perspectives on the Pedagogy of Joe Duquette High School Robert Regnier
1997 Ingram Janet Kirk EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Intereactive Talk: Patterns of Power and Control Dianne Hallman
1997 Lambert Leslee Audrey EDACE PGD    
1997 Littlepine Brian Glen INEP PGD    
1997 Riddell Sandra Marie EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Spirituality and Education: A Christian Ecofeminist Perspective Dianne Hallman
1997 Storey Shannon Michelle EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Organizing for Social and Economic Change: A Handbook for National Farmers Union Women in Saskatchewan Michael Collins
1997 Tang Yuqi EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Mao and His Thoughts Regarding Adult Education Reg Wickett
1997 Wan Di Dong EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Barriers Facing Chinese Immigrant Women in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Adrian Blunt
1997 Wilson William Robert EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Wild Virtue: Educational Practices for Environmentally Sustainable Communities Within the Traditions of Deep Ecology Robert Regnier
1996 Gulka Kathleen E. EDACE M. C. Ed - Non-thesis An Assessment of the Coping Skills of Primary Caregivers of Non-Institutionalized Persons With Alzheimer's Disease Reg Wickett
1996 Legare Louise Marie EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Being A Metis Woman: Our Lived Stories Stephan/Regnier
1996 Lowenberg Rita Marlene INEP M. Ed. - Non-thesis A Study of Language Teaching Method in Three First Nations Schools and Two Provincial Schools with Recommendation for Teaching an Aboriginal Language in the Northern Lights School Division Marie Battiste
1996 Martin Peter Robert INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Aboriginal World Views and Their Implications for the Education of Aboriginal Adults Howard Woodhouse
1996 McCreath Murdine Ella EDACE M. Ed. - Non-thesis Developing Communicative Competence and Critical Literacy in a Native Teacher Education Program Michael Collins
1996 Senecal Cheryl Ann EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis An Information and Education Handbook on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Companion Document Dianne Hallman
1996 Tondell Judith Rosalie EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Women and Work: Experience of Public Health Nurses on the Prairies Reg Wickett
1996 Weenie Angilina INEP PGD    
1995 Armstrong Helen Diane EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Workplace Learning in a Selected Organization: Examining the Practice Dianne Hallman
1995 Bertrand Suzanne EDFDT PGD    
1995 Carter Sandra INEP PGD    
1995 Charles Blake Brian INEP PGD    
1995 Chen Naijian EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Experience of Chinese Youth Adjusting to Canadian Education: Their Achievement Werner Stephan
1995 Christiansen Gladys INEP PGD    
1995 Ducharme Allan A. J. INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Aboriginal Goals of Education Mark Flynn
1995 Fuentealba V. Sergio H. EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Brighter Futures: The Multifaceted Challenge of Cross-Cultural Health Care Michael Collins
1995 Guebert Nancy Colleen EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Evaluation of a Continuing Education Program in Palliative Care for Registered Nurses Karen Wright
1995 Hackman Allan Bob EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Regaining Relevance in Technical/Vocational Education: A Discussion Paper for Educators in Institutional Settings Michael Collins
1995 Hawke Margot Croil EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Participatory Evaluation of a Nursing Continuing Education Program at Royal University Hospital Michael Collins
1995 Heise Barbara Jean EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis A Study of the Phenomenon of Older Worker Dislocation Adrian Blunt
1995 Ibarreta Gloria Inac EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Self-Directed Learning: The Evaluation of a Study Guide for the Development of Learning Contracts for Nursing 461.6 Werner Stephan
1995 Jiao Shuqin EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Lives in Transition: Chinese Student Wives in Saskatoon Stephan/Hallman
1995 Kennett Kim Marilee EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis Knitting Lives Together: Education, The Motherline, and Personal Narrative Dianne Hallman
1995 MacDonald John Roderick EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Human Spirituality: An Adult Education Motif Reg Wickett
1995 Marendiuk-Obianwa Sheri-Lynn EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Women Speaking Out on Nigerian Education: Selected Perspectives Stephan/Hallman
1995 Milner Cameron Glen EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis The Relationship Between Grade 12 and University Marks Dr. Ivan Kelly
1995 Nelson Kathleen Jean INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Perceptions of Cultural Identity Among Prince Albert SUNTEP Students Lenore Stiffarm
1995 Savarese Faith Tesora EDACE M. C. Ed. - Thesis The Training of Street Educators Adrian Blunt
1995 Wallace Ronald Lorne EDACE PGD