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2000 - 2004

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
2004 Buglas James Edward EDACE M.C. Ed - Thesis Museums, Education, and Community: A Reflection on Theory and Practice Don Cochrane
2004 Bullin Carol Ann EDACE M.C.Ed -Project Clinical Skills Curriculum: Reflections on a New Approach to Competency Based Education in Nursing Michael Collins
2004 Choi Sunyi EDACE M.C.Ed -Project Healing and Therapy Through Music for the Elderly in Care Homes: A Review of Literature Michael Collins
2004 Daniels-Fiss Belinda EDIND PGD   Marie Battiste
2004 Enns Gordon Paul EDFDT M.Ed-Project The Effect of Globalization on Family Farming Bob Regnier
2004 Farmer Thomas Scott EDIND M.Ed.-Thesis Grade 12 Canadian History: A Post-Colonial Analysis Verna St. Denis
2004 Felix Grace Karon INEP M.Ed.-Thesis The Cross-Cultural Significance of the Sweat Lodge Experience Marie Battiste
2004 Herman Charlene EDACE M.C.Ed-Project Meeting Place: A Conversation of Metis People on Education and Culture Michael Collins
2004 Jaques Douglas EDFDT PGD   Dianne Hallman
2004 McMunn Marie EDACE PGD   John Lyons
2004 Moffat Carla EDACE M.Ed.-Thesis In Search of Greener Grass: Finding the Path from English Hegemony to Multilingualism Howard Woodhouse
2004 Todd Nicholas Roger EDFDT M. Ed - Thesis A Critical Analysis of Ideological Text: Contemporary Education Reform Discourse and the Work of Michael Fullan Michael Collins
2004 Trottier Paul Gregory EDFDT M. Ed - Thesis Understanding a Sense of Place: A Personal Analogue for Ecological Consciousness John Lyons
2004 Wilson Lisa EDFDT M. Ed. -Thesis Discourses of dominance: Saskatchewan adult basic education curriculum and Aboriginal learners. Verna St. Denis
2004 Xiao Jing EDACE M.C.Ed - Project Saskatoon Multilingual School: Teaching Heritage Languages in Saskatoon Dianne Hallman
2003 Farmer Karen Margaret INEP M. Ed - Project Making Waves: A Handbook for Literacy Workers to Assist Youth in Creating Radio Shows Verna St. Denis
2003 Hingley Ian Trevor EDFDT M. Ed - Thesis “Wanting to Ought”: Human Rights Education and the Ethic of Care Howard Woodhouse
2003 McKay Archibald Glenn EDFDT M. Ed - Thesis The Catholic Option: Non-Catholic Parent’s Choice of a Religious-Based Education in Saskatoon Catholic Schools John Lyons
2003 Ross Charlotte EDACE M.C. Ed - Project Retention and Attrition of Aboriginal Students in Higher Education: A Review of the Literature Reg Wickett
2003 Sanin Lucia Margarita EDACE M.C. Ed - Project International Students: Support Programs for Spouses and Immediate Family Michael Collins
2003 Stradeski Marie Ellen EDFDT M. Ed - Project Teaching Reverence for Nature: An Eco-Philosophical Foundation for the Saskatoon Natural Grasslands Ecological Education Guide and Kit Bob Regnier
2003 Tetrault Edmond Gerald EDFDT M. Ed - Thesis Taiwanese Identity and Language Education: The Role of Race, Ethnicity, Language, and Nation in the Colonization of Taiwan Verna St. Denis
2003 Yantz Susan Colleen EDACE M.C. Ed - Thesis Negotiating Within Borderlands: Role of the Prison Educator Dianne Hallman/Michael Collins
2002 Bazylak Darryl INEP M.Ed. -Thesis A Study of Factors Contributing to the Success of Female Aboriginal Students in an Inner City High School Battiste
2002 Blackmon Michael INEP M.Ed -Project A Metis Portrait: A Socialized Image Battiste
2002 Chief Calf April EDFDT M.Ed.-Thesis Victorian Ideologies of Gender and the Curriculum of the Regina Indian Industrial School 1891-1910 Hallman/Lyons
2002 Davis Karen BettyAnn EDACE M.C.Ed. -Thesis Evaluation of an Asthma Training Course, Asthma Trec**: Participants' Perspectives Reg Wickett
2002 Elliott Sharon June EDACE M.C. Ed-Thesis Pioneering a New Approach to Home Exercise: Physiotherapy for Older Adults through Community Television John Lyons
2002 Hanson John INEP M.Ed. -Project Education in Canadian Society: the Perspectives of an Aboriginal Educator Battiste
2002 Herman Charlene INEP PGD    
2002 Legare Michelle EDACE M.C.Ed-Project Education of Women:Learning Through Experiences of Violence and Trauma Hallman
2002 Mulligan David EDACE M.Ed.-Thesis John Updike as an Adult Moral Educator Cochrane
2002 Regnier Joanne EDACE M.C.Ed -Project Theory in Practice: Applying Fowler's Theory of Stages of Faith in the Workplace Reg Wickett
2002 Severight Melvin Grant EDACE M.C.Ed-Project Toward a Healing Educational Environment:Surviving the Legacy of Residential Schools Hallman
2002 Stratulat Alex EDACE M.C.Ed -Project Interpretive Space: Education in the Gallery Collins
2002 Thomas Prokop Shelley ECACE M.C.Ed -Project A Guide for Community Development Practices in First Nations Settings Collins
2002 Turnell Roger EDACE M.C.Ed - Project The Effects of Critical Incident Stress on Health Care Professionals Working in a Birthing Unit Collins
2002 Weenie Angelina INEP M.Ed - Thesis A Study of Resilience in First Nations' Post Secondary Education Students Verna-Mary Hampton
2002 Willett Enos Cameron EDACE M.Ed. -Thesis First Nations Participation in Graduate Studies Wickett
2001 Clatney Richard John EDACE M.C.Ed.-Project Workplace Learning: Teaching Computers to the Marginalized Michael Collins
2001 Exner Kara Terese EDACE M.C.Ed-Project Application of Study Circles in Professional Development Dianne Hallman
2001 Fedorowich Lisa Nicole EDFDT M. Ed. - Thesis Project Femininity: A Retrospective Study of Women and Their Reading of Teen Magazines during Adolescence Dianne Hallman, Angela Ward
2001 Fey Cynthia M. INEP M.Ed. Thesis Listening to Megan: Narratives  of a Female Aboriginal Youth with a Disability Regnier; Wason-Ellam
2001 Fraser-Saddleback Kim E. EDACE M.C.Ed. Non-Thesis Implementing Prior Learning Assessment in an Aboriginal Training Program Collins
2001 Gent Sylvia A. EDACE M.C. Ed. Non-Thesis Mobile Crisis: Extending the Mandate to Publick Education and Empowerment Collins
2001 Kim Sukkyu EDACE M.C. Ed Non-Thesis Critical Theory-Implications of Habermas for Critical Adult Education Collins
2001 MacKay Gail Ann INEP M.Ed. Community Perceptions of a Cree Immersion Program at Cumberland House Marie Battiste/ Angela Ward
2001 Miller Muriel Ann EDACE M.C.Ed An Evaluation of the Special (Mature) Admissions Program at the University of Saskatchewan Louise Alexitch
2001 Mogg Cheryl E EDACE M.C. Ed Non-Thesis The Continuing Education Aspirations of Aging Baby Boomer Women Wickett
2001 Sharkey Irene INEP M.Ed. Non-Thesis The Role of the Adult Educator in a Cross Cultural Context: Adult Education in the North West Territories Battiste
2001 Swan Ida INEP M. Ed. - Thesis Language shift: A study of three generations St. Denis, Wason-Ellam
2001 Williams Janet Anne INEP M. Ed. - Non - thesis Theoretical Framework for Anti-Racist In-Service For Educators St. Denis
2000 Anderson Neal Terance EDFDT M. Ed. - Non-thesis Education for Career or Calling? Ecological Values for the 21st Century Howard Woodhouse
2000 Broad Scott Caith EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Dr. Abram Hoffer and the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation: A Scientist Engages in Adult Education Lyons
2000 Davis Karen EDACE PGD    
2000 Ermine Willie INEP M. Ed. - Thesis A Critical Examination of the Ethics in Research Involving Indigenous Peoples Marie Battiste
2000 Finlayson Kari Leigh EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non - thesis Constructing a needs assessment instrument: Aboriginal perceptions of and approaches to technology-mediated learning Wickett/Wong
2000 Kim Sukkyu EDACE PGD    
2000 Komori Shinichi EDFDT M. Ed. - Non-thesis Human Interconnectedness with Nature as the Basis of Ecological Education: Avoiding the Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness Through an Education that Values Human Experience. Regnier
2000 McDonald Carolina A EDACE M. C. Ed. - Non-thesis Shiftwork Nurses, and Continuing Education Michael Collins and Reg Wickett
2000 Pocha Sheila Celia INEP M. Ed. - Non-thesis Interpretation of Five Aboriginal Parent's Perceptions of the Success of Their Children in a Public Elementary School by an Aboriginal Educator St. Denis
2000 Ross Charlotte Bella EDACE PGD