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2005 - 2009

Year Surname Name Area Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
2009 Harasymchuk Brad   M.Ed. Project Educating At-Risk Youth Ecologically: Building Relationships through the Natural World Marcia McKenzie
2009 Hind George   M.Ed. Thesis "What Does This Mean?" Invigorating the Historic Question and Intent of Lutheran Confirmation through Coemergent Learning Reg Wickett
2009 Peacock David   M.C.Ed. Thesis Transforming Lives through International Community Service-Learning: A Case Study Marcia McKenzie
2009 Yongmei Hu   M.Ed. Thesis Student Oriented Education for China: A Whiteheadian Proposal Howard Woodhouse
2009 Kress-White Margaret   M.Ed. Thesis The Quest of Inclusion: Understandings of Ableism, Pedagogy, and the Right to Belong Dianne Miller/Robert Regnier
2009 Pandolfi Krysta   M.Ed. Thesis Rushing from and Hastening to: Nationhood, Whiteness, and Italian-Canadians Dianne Miller/ Verna St. Denis
2009 Nicolas Kari   M.C.Ed. Project Corporatization at the University of Saskatchewan. The Extension Division: A Case Study Dianne Miller
2009 Bischoff Susan   M.Ed. Thesis Music, Growth, and Wisdom: The Educational Thought of Carl Orff and Alfred North Whitehead Howard Woodhouse
2009 Bitz Louise   M.Ed. Thesis Creating Space for Truth: Faith Formation in Catholic High School Education Robert Regnier
2009 Chartier Michael   M.Ed. Thesis Adult Education and the Social Economy: Rethinking the Communitarian Pedagogy of Watson Thomson Howard Woodhouse
2009 Henry Robert   M.Ed. Thesis Not Just Another Thug:The Implication of Defining Youth Gangs in a Prairie City Verna St.Denis/ Alex Wilson
2009 Kanewiyakiho Delvin   M.Ed. Project Racialization of Cree Practices in Cultural Revitalization Marie Battiste
Fraser Jodie EDFT M.Ed. Project A Language of the Heart Dianne Miller
Klymyshyn Sherry EDACE M.C.Ed. Thesis Interactions i2eye: An Intergenerational Video Conferencing Initiative with Long-Term Care Residents and Their Loved Ones Robert Regnier
Liu Xiao EDFT M.Ed. Project An Autoethnography of Motherhood—A Look at the Feminist Mothering Theory and the Path to an Empowered Motherhood Dianne Miller
Myers Sarah EDFT M.Ed. Project Resistance to the “R” Word: Using Critical Race Theory in Education to Challenge Ideological Assumptions of White M.Ed. Students Robert Regnier
Prouse Sheryl EDACE M.C.Ed. Project Saskatchewan Regional Colleague’s Recognition of Prior Learning Tool Kit Reginald Wickett
Wood Ryan EDFT M.Ed. Project The Prophetic Imagination and Social Justice Education in Church Schools Robert Regnier
Amendt Theodore EDACE MCED - Thesis Involvement to Engagement: Community Education Practices in a Suburban Elementary School and an Inner-City Community School Deb Pushor/Reg Wickett
Borgeson Debra EDACE MCED - Project E-Learning and Post-Secondary Education: Trends, Issues and Reflections, A Review and Critique Dirk Morrison/Reg Wickett
Ehlert Susan EDACE MCED - Project Training and Accreditation of Healthcare Workers: Are Training Guidelines Meeting the Needs of the Community? Reg Wickett
Johnson Sharon EDACE MCED - Project Quality Assessment in Online Education Reg Wickett
Zaparaniuk Raelin Adult/
MED - Project A Learning Organization Initiative: Human Resources Workshop Reg Wickett
2007 Wang Jinjie EFDT MED - Thesis Chinese University Students’ Perspectives Toward Their Gay and Lesbian Peers Don Cochrane
2007 Vanhouwe Michelle INEP MED - Project White Teachers, Critical Race Theory and Aboriginal Education Verna St. Denis
2007 Jackson Tracy EDACE MCED - Project Dialogue on Social Justice and Disabilities: A Study Circle for Educators Michael Collins
2007 Baker Carmen INEP MED - Thesis Historical Racial Theories: Ongoing Racialization in Saskatchewan Verna St. Denis/
Dianne Miller
2007 Frazer Barbara INEP MED - Project Berry Picking as Applying Nitamisowin Knowledge and Pedagogy: A Narrative of a Sakaw (Bush) Cree Woman’s Ways of Coming to Know and Learn Marie Battiste
2007 Jaques-Leason Lorraine EDACE MCEd - Project Learning for Life: The Myths and Realistic Potentials of Aging Michael Collins
2007 Marken Kari EDFDT MEd - Thesis Telling Tales, Hearing Stories, Imagining Difference: The Role of Imagination and Dramatic Arts in Educating Students as Agents of Social Change Robert Regnier
2007 McLean Sheelah INEP MEd - Thesis Beyond the Pale: Whiteness as Innocence in Education Verna St. Denis
2007 Rudichuk Bernadine EDACE MCEd - Project Enhancing Student Learning Through the Life Sciences and Health Sciences Michael Collins
2007 Schroeder Teri-Anne EDACE MCEd - Project Nourishing a Learning Environment in Healthcare: A Study Circle Approach to Workplace Re-Engagement Michael Collins
2007 Thulien Terry EDACE MCEd - Thesis Divorce Education: An Option for Family Therapy Angie Wong/
Diane Janes
2006 Tymchen Maxine EDACE PGD    
2006 Maku Dominic INEP MEd - Project Looking Forward-Looking Back: A Ugandan Educator's Narrative of Colonial Education in Uganda/Africa Marie Battiste
2006 Mirasty Edward INEP MEd - Project Self-Reflections of a First Nations Administrator Marie Battiste
2006 Park Julius INEP MEd - Project Localizing and Implementing Dene Kede in La Loche: Action Plan Marie Battiste
2006 Hobday Joyce  EDFDT MEd - Thesis The Myths that Bind Us: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Canada: A People's History Dianne Miller
2006 Kuffner Becky  EDFDT MEd - Thesis From Restorative to Transformative Justice: Advancing Healing as a Normative Value in Transformative Justice Robert Regnier
2006 Mooney Elizabeth  EDFDT MEd - Thesis Exploring Past School Experiences to Shape the Practice of Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy Dianne Miller
2006 Vandale Carol  EDACE MCEd - Thesis Building Skills, Building Homes: Community Sustainability, Straw Bale Construciton, and Indigenous Perspectives Michael Collins
2005 Hanson Todd  EDFDT MEd - Thesis Translating "Forgiveness": The Validity of the Mandarin Version of the Enright Forgiveness Inventory Don Cochrane
2005 Kurylyk Dale  EDFDT MEd - Project Developing Citizens As Member Of The Biotic Community: ALDO LEOPOLD'S LAND ETHIC AS A BASIS FOR ECOLOGICAL EDUCATION Howard Woodhouse
2005 Liu Chunge  EDFDT MEd - Project Learning in Another Culture: An Ethnographic Portrait of a Female Graduate Student From China Dianne Miller
2005 McKay Marlene  EDFDT MEd - Thesis Engaging Feminism: A Pedagogy For Aboriginal Peoples Dianne Miller
2005 Mueller Robin  EDACE MEd - Thesis Creating 'Good' Leaders Exploring The Integration of Leadership and Ethics in Canadian Post-Secondary Education S. McLean
2005 Neumann Nancy  EDACE MCEd - Project Resisting Dominance Through Rehabilitation; Disability Discourses And Acquired Brain Injury In Adults Robert Regnier
2005 Rozotto David  EDACE MCEd - Project Design, Development, Delivery and Assessment of a Spanish Language Course for Business People Michael Collins
2005 Rutherford Brenda  EDFDT MEd - Thesis Struggling with Connection Robert Regnier
2005 Scarfe Adam  EDFDT MEd - Thesis On Selectivity in Learning and Teaching: The Role and Limits of 'Negative Prehensions' in Alfred North Whitehead's Philosophy of Education Howard Woodhouse/Robert Regnier