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2010 - Present

Year Surname Name Degree/Diploma Thesis/Proj Title Supervisor
2013 Dill Cody M.Ed. Thesis "The safest place": Anti-oppression in Spoken Word Poetry Verna St. Denis
2013 Henry Michael Shane M.Ed. Thesis Development of a Muay Thai enthusiast: An Interpretation of Alfred North Whitehead's Theory of Learning Robert Regnier
2013 Loewen Sarah M.Ed. Thesis White Identity and the Education of Development Workers Verna St. Denis
2012 Anderson Vincent M.Ed. Thesis Investigating Learning of the Embodied Self In Motion: Implications for Socio-Ecological Justice Education. Marcia McKenzie
2012 Sawyer Jason M.Ed. Thesis A Postcolonial Discourse Analysis of a Tenth Grade Science Curriculum Guide. Marcia McKenzie
2012 Cruise Janice M.Ed. Thesis Professional Development for Teachers in Rural and Remote Saskatchewan: Making a Case for Asynchronous Online Professional Development Marcia McKenzie
2012 Hoftyzer Cheryl M.Ed. Thesis Reasons for Teacher Participation in the Social Justice and Anit- Racist, Anti-Oprressive Forum of Education Margaret Kovach
2012 Kasun Dustin M.Ed. Project Ecojustice Marcia McKenzie
2012 Lindo Curline M.Ed. Thesis Voices from the Principalship: The Experiences of Five Women who are Principals in Jamaican Primary and Secondary Schools Verna St. Denis
2012 Sysing Melchior M.Ed. Project EcoJustice:Dream and Reality Marcia McKenzie
2011 Falihi Anahit M.Ed. Project On Development of Critical Visual Literacy Robert Regnier
2011 Harder Emily M.Ed. Thesis Describing the Needs of New Nursing Faculty in Mentoring Relationships Linda Wason-Ellam
2010 Blom Monique M.Ed. Project The Transformative Power of Creative Process in Learning: Defining a Path to Relational Connections with the Environment Robert Regnier
2010 Guest John M.Ed. Project Mastery Learning as an Alternative Approach to the Use of Marks: A Mathematics Teacher's Experience Howard Woodhouse
2010 She Yubo M.Ed. Thesis Three Approaches to Outdoor Education: A Whiteheadian Interpretation of Their Potential for Practice Howard Woodhouse
2010 Vizina Yvonne M.Ed. Thesis Métis Traditional Environmental Knowledge and Science Education Alex Wilson
2010 Hanson Yvonne M.Ed. Thesis Transformative Learning and Localizing Food: Ingredients of Knowledge Creation and Resistance. Marcia McKenzie