Fields of Green: Restorying Culture, Environment, and Education

Marcia McKenzie Fields of Green Cover Marcia McKenzie

Fields of Green
Restorying Culture, Environment and Education

Editor(s): Marcia McKenzie, Paul Hart, Heesoon Bai, and Bob Jickling.

This book is about hopeful daydreams and their implications for action in the interwoven spheres of culture, environment, and education. In spite and because of the recent significant shift in concern for the environment around the globe, the editors believe there remains the urgent task of restorying the ways we live on this earth. Cultural understandings that value the individual over the collective, humans over other species, concept over experience, and progress as globalizing growth and change, are examples of the sorts of imaginaries that can be traced in the ecological and cultural losses we are currently experiencing and participating in around the world.

This collection works across various fields of green, drawing together poetry, philosophy, journalism, sociology, curriculum studies, indigenous scholarship, feminist and social justice work, environmental ethics, and a range of other fields of inquiry and practice. Individually and cumulatively, the contributors search for, theorize, and practice approaches that probe education as an endeavor that imperfectly, yet hopefully, walks the blurred line between cultural determinism and resistance.

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