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Marie Battiste Fields of Green Cover

Marie Battiste

Decolonizing Education:
Nourishing the Learning Spirit

Drawing on treaties, international law, the work of other Indigenous scholars, and especially personal experiences, Marie Battiste documents the nature of Eurocentric models of education, and their devastating impacts on Indigenous knowledge. Read More

Margaret Kovach Indigenous Methodologies Cover

Margaret Kovach

Indigenous Methodologies
Characteristics, Conversations and Contexts

What are Indigenous research methodologies, and how do they unfold? Indigenous methodologies flow from tribal knowledge, and while they are allied with several western qualitative approaches, they remain distinct. Read More

Marcia McKenzie Fields of Green Cover

Marcia McKenzie

Fields of Green
Restorying Culture, Environment and Education

Editor(s): Marcia McKenzie, Paul Hart, Heesoon Bai, and Bob Jickling.

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Paul Orlowski

Paul Orlowski

Teaching About Hegemony
Race, Class, & Democracy in the 21st Century

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Karla Jessen Williamson Karla Jessen Williamson

Interit my heaven:
kalaallit gender relations

Publisher: Government of Greenland, 2010
ISBN: 8792554148, 9788792554147
Length: 208 pages

Howard Woodhouse

Selling Out Cover

Howard Woodhouse

Selling Out
Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market

In a powerful defence of the values that define education, Howard Woodhouse uses concrete and vivid examples to show how universities in Canada have been engulfed by the market model of education, and how administrators have done little to resist this trend. Read More