Faculty Research Interests

Listings in Alphabetical Order

Tim ClaypoolDr. Tim ClaypoolAssociate Professor, Department HeadPractices that promote success experiences for Aboriginal students in public schools and post-secondary institutions, interdisciplinary collaboration in graduate programs, e.g., School and Counselling Psychology, and innovation in the delivery of psychological services in schools, e.g., Response to Intervention.
Laurie HellstenDr. Laurie HellstenAssociate Professor, Associate Dean Graduate Studies and ResearchPhysical activity and wellness; beginning teacher and professional identity and mentorship; instrument development, analysis, and validation; program evaluation; survey research; and the application of modern quantitative and analytical techniques (classical test and item response theory, generalizability theory, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling) within the domains of educational health and health promotion, quality of life, and sport
Debra Kemp-KooDr. Debra Kemp-KooAssistant Professor
Che Kan  (CK) LeongDr. Che Kan (CK) LeongDistinguished Professor Emeritusthe cognitive and psycholinguistic processes of learning to read and developmental dyslexia in English and Chinese
Pei-Ying LinDr. Pei-Ying LinAssistant Professorcurrent practices and policies on test accommodations for students with diverse needs; pre-service teachers’ beliefs and practices of assessments; and the measurement and psychometric issues in large-scale and classroom assessments for students with special needs
Stephanie MartinDr. Stephanie MartinAssociate Professorresearch and practice related to the psychology and experiences of adolescent girls and women; women’s mental health and healing experiences (e.g., disordered eating and body image concerns, healing from the affects of interpersonal trauma, lived-body health concerns), professional development and well-being/resilience; training and supervision in applied psychology; and ethics in research and practice
Laureen McIntyreDr. Laureen McIntyreAssociate Professor, Graduate Chair EPSE, Director of Special Ed Certificate Programlanguage basis of learning difficulties and disabilities (i.e. teacher education, knowledge, and classroom practice relating to special education, early identification and intervention of speech and language difficulties and disabilities); and professional identity and mentorship
Amin MousaviDr. Amin MousaviAssistant ProfessorApplying univariate and multivariate statistical techniques within the domain of social and behavioral sciences; Investigating statistical properties of quantitative methods using Monte Carlo techniques; Analyzing test data from large scale assessments using Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT); Instrument development;  Applying Educational Measurement principals and techniques in technology-enriched learning environments.
David MykotaDr. David MykotaAssociate Professorsubstance use; program evaluation; resilient children and youth; child and youth psychopathology; and e-learning
Jennifer J. NicolDr. Jennifer J. NicolAssociate Professormusic therapy; counselling psychology; coping, health and wellbeing; qualitative research design; arts-based research.
Charmaine SpezowkaCharmaine SpezowkaGraduate Student Support